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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Overview

01m 29s

About The Authors

01m 8s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Why Create Mobile Web Apps?

3 Types Of Mobile Apps

01m 6s

Native Apps

01m 38s

Web Apps

01m 25s

Hybrid Apps

01m 25s

Chapter: Designing An App

Effective Mobile App Design

01m 27s

User Centered And Mobile First Design

02m 9s

Chapter: App Prototyping

Introduction To Prototyping

02m 29s

Prototyping The ToDo Game App

03m 5s

Chapter: Setting Up Your Development Environment

Installing The Development Environment

03m 21s

Configuring The Development Environment

03m 22s

Chapter: HTML5 Crash Course

What Is HTML?

01m 53s

HTML5 Syntax

02m 31s

Types Of HTML Elements

02m 19s

Document Structure

01m 34s

Semantic HTML

01m 46s

Initial Demo App Layout

03m 18s

Chapter: Styling With CSS3

What Is CSS3?

01m 57s

Introducing CSS Selectors

03m 23s

CSS Properties

04m 11s

CSS Positioning

04m 55s

Adding CSS To HTML

02m 25s

Styling The Demo App - Navigation

06m 10s

Styling The Demo App - Headers

02m 43s

Chapter: Introduction To Javascript

What Is Javascript?

02m 54s

Javascript Variables

03m 4s

Introducing Data Types

02m 13s

Numbers In Javascript

02m 22s

Working With Strings

02m 59s

Booleans, NaN And Undefined

01m 34s

Javascript Expressions

01m 0s

Javascript Operators

04m 50s

Control Structures

01m 41s


02m 43s

Javascript Functions

03m 5s

HTML DOM - Part 1

06m 12s

Applying Javascript To The Demo App - Part 1

06m 42s

Applying Javascript To The Demo App - Part 2

03m 26s

Chapter: JQuery

What Can JQuery Do?

02m 6s

JQuery Selectors

01m 50s

JQuery Functions

02m 40s

Converting The ToDo App To JQuery

03m 55s

Chapter: Your First App With JQuery Mobile

Introducing JQuery Mobile

04m 13s

JQuery Mobile Pages And Navigation

02m 53s

JQuery Mobile Content And Widgets

02m 19s

Applying JQuery Mobile To The ToDo App

06m 20s

Chapter: Mobile Optimization Techniques

Offline Apps

06m 9s

Local Storage

05m 18s

Understanding The Viewport

02m 18s

Mobile Meta Tags And App Icons

06m 32s

Chapter: Deploying Your App

Uploading Your App To The Web Using FTP

04m 38s

Creating A Hybrid App With PhoneGap Build

05m 12s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

02m 5s