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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction To Oracle SQL

Introduction And About The Author

02m 57s

What Is SQL?

05m 31s

Relational Databases Explained - Part 1

06m 51s

Relational Databases Explained - Part 2

06m 22s

How To Query Data From A Database

06m 51s

The Difference Between SQL And PL/SQL

03m 58s

Setting Up An Oracle Apex Account

09m 53s

Running SQL Using Oracle Apex

06m 49s

Assignment 1

00m 43s

Assignment 1 - Solution

01m 30s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Basic SQL Select Statement

Retrieving All Data From A Table

05m 30s

Retrieving Some Data From A Table

02m 2s

Restricting The Retrieval Of Rows From A Table

05m 29s

Using Mathematical And Text Expressions

06m 8s

Sorting The Results Using Column Names

05m 41s

Assignment 2

02m 27s

Assignment 2 - Solution

06m 37s

Chapter: Restricting Data - The Basics

What Is A Primary Key?

06m 12s

Comparison Operators

04m 48s

Logical Operators

07m 35s

Dealing With Null Values

08m 14s

Sorting The Results Using Column Position

03m 52s

Assignment 3

01m 28s

Assignment 3 - Solution

06m 19s

Chapter: Joining Tables - The Basics

What Is A Foreign Key?

04m 24s

Inner Joins With The Using Clause

06m 48s

Joins With The On Clause

05m 31s

Joins And The Order Of Processing

04m 34s

Assignment 4

01m 1s

Assignment 4 - Solution

04m 48s

Chapter: Summarizing Data

Aggregate Functions

06m 44s

The Count Functions

05m 10s

The Min And Max Functions

04m 27s

The Avg And Sum Functions

02m 37s

Concatenating Data

04m 27s

Aggregates - Order Of Processing

03m 32s

Assignment 5

00m 51s

Assignment 5 - Solution

01m 28s

Chapter: Joining Multiple Tables

Many-To-Many Relationships - Part 1

07m 16s

Many-To-Many Relationships - Part 2

04m 22s

Join Multiple Tables With The Using Clause

07m 30s

Join Multiple Tables With The On Clause

06m 56s

Eliminating Duplicate Rows From The Results

05m 31s

Sorting The Results Using Column Aliases

01m 45s

Assignment 6

01m 9s

Assignment 6 - Solution

03m 35s

Chapter: Data Subsets

Using The Group By Clause

07m 50s

Using The Having Clause

04m 43s

Having With Compound Conditions

03m 18s

Assignment 7

01m 2s

Assignment 7 - Solution

04m 18s

Chapter: Restricting Data - Advanced Concepts

Using The In Operator

04m 4s

Using The Between Operator

06m 30s

Using The Like Operator For Pattern Matching

09m 31s

Outer Joins

11m 48s

Assignment 8

00m 58s

Assignment 8 - Solution

03m 37s

Chapter: Using Subqueries - The Basics

How Do Subqueries Work?

06m 47s

Subqueries With The In Operator

09m 25s

Subqueries Using A Comparison Operator

07m 21s

Subqueries Vs. Joins

04m 12s

Using A Subquery Vs. A Self-Join

04m 22s

Assignment 9

01m 5s

Assignment 9 - Solution

04m 33s

Chapter: Data Modeling - The Basics

How Data Is Organized In A Relational Database

04m 13s

The Entity-Relationship Approach

08m 25s

Normalization Guidelines - Part 1

07m 14s

Normalization Guidelines - Part 2

07m 6s

Assignment 10

01m 46s

Assignment 10 - Solution

02m 51s

Chapter: Creating Tables And Manipulating Data

Creating Tables - Part 1

06m 47s

Creating Tables - Part 2

09m 6s

Specifying Keys

04m 32s

The Check Constraint

06m 50s

Creating Indexes

06m 58s

Modifying And Removing Tables

05m 58s

More Constraints

04m 26s

Adding Data To A Table

06m 58s

Changing Data In A Table - Part 1

04m 50s

Changing Data In A Table - Part 2

03m 12s

Removing Data From A Table

03m 22s

Assignment 11

01m 17s

Assignment 11 - Solution

01m 14s

Chapter: Single-Row Functions

String Functions - Part 1

08m 2s

String Functions - Part 2

04m 15s

Number Functions

05m 49s

Date Functions

07m 53s

Limiting Rows And The Dual Table

06m 7s

Assignment 12

01m 56s

Assignment 12 - Solution

02m 26s

Chapter: Creating And Using Views

Creating And Using Views

09m 17s

Set Operators

09m 23s

Assignment 13

00m 51s

Assignment 13 - Solution

01m 50s

Chapter: Database Management

Transaction Management

02m 58s

Concurrency Control

03m 59s

Security Considerations

06m 32s

Stored Procedures And Triggers

04m 36s

Database Integrity

03m 22s

Assignment 14

00m 57s

Assignment 14 - Solution

01m 57s

Chapter: Legacy SQL Techniques

Implicit Joins

05m 45s

Subqueries With Modifiers

05m 12s

Subqueries Using The Exists Clause

07m 7s

Assignment 15

01m 20s

Assignment 15 - Solution

03m 33s

Chapter: Conclusion

Difference Between Oracle And Other SQLs

04m 45s

SQL In A Programming Language

05m 40s

Embedded SQL

04m 41s

What Is Next?

01m 14s