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Chapter: Render Settings

Introduction To Realism In Carrara.mp4

01m 25s

About The Author.mp4

01m 29s

What Is Wrong With Carraras Default Settings?.mp4

02m 23s

Gamma And Linear Workflow In Carrara.mp4

08m 39s

Carrara Render Settings.mp4

07m 52s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Lighting For Realism

Why Are Carraras Normal Lights Unrealistic?.mp4

04m 17s

Alternatives To Create More Realistic Direct Lights.mp4

08m 12s

Environmental Lighting.mp4

11m 21s

Full Indirect Lighting.mp4

03m 56s

Ambient And Ambient Occlusion.mp4

02m 36s

Some Rules For Realistic Materials.mp4

04m 22s

Chapter: Worked Example - Vehicle

Basic Staging And Lighting.mp4

09m 16s

Car Paint Material.mp4

05m 53s

Metal Materials.mp4

05m 40s


06m 53s

Making The Final Image.mp4

05m 29s

Chapter: Worked Example - Exterior

Sun And Sky Lighting.mp4

06m 0s

Building Materials.mp4

10m 10s

Creating Your Own Texture Maps.mp4

05m 18s


08m 51s


05m 18s

Camera Effects - Depth Of Field, Camera Bloom.mp4

08m 29s

Chapter: Worked Example - Interior

Interior Lighting With Artificial Lights.mp4

10m 38s

Interior Lighting With Natural Daylight.mp4

07m 25s

Interior Materials.mp4

08m 41s

Using Terrains As Models.mp4

04m 50s

Clutter, Dirt And Detail.mp4

02m 52s

Final Interior Render.mp4

08m 13s

Chapter: Worked Example - Human Portrait

Posing And Use Of Props.mp4

13m 35s

Lighting Rig.mp4

04m 54s

Character Clothing.mp4

07m 44s

Character Skin.mp4

11m 50s

Character Eyes.mp4

07m 27s

Character Hair.mp4

05m 7s

Rendering The Final Character.mp4

07m 55s

Final Character - Postwork.mp4

07m 16s

Chapter: Conclusion


01m 18s