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Table of Contents

Chapter: Beginning Your Journey

Introduction to PhoneGap.mp4

02m 46s

PhoneGap: Advantages and Disadvantages.mp4

03m 5s

Chapter: First Application

First PhoneGap Project.mp4

05m 29s

Preview and Deploy a PhoneGap Project.mp4

08m 58s

Chapter: Setting it Up

Installing the Development Tool Set.mp4

02m 43s

Debugging the PhoneGap App Using Tools.mp4

05m 4s

Using Git to Manage the Source Code.mp4

08m 49s

Chapter: Rich Interactions with PhoneGap, HTML5, and CSS3

HTML5 and the PhoneGap App.mp4

09m 14s

CSS and CSS3.mp4

02m 26s

Chapter: The App Framework and JavaScript Practices

Introducing the App Framework.mp4

03m 46s

A Demo on Using a Sencha Touch Framework.mp4

07m 53s

A Demo on Using a jQuery Mobile Framework.mp4

06m 44s

JavaScript Practices.mp4

05m 47s

Chapter: A Demo on the PhoneGap API

Use Cordova 3 Plugins and APIs.mp4

07m 32s

Importing Third-Party Plugins to Cordova 2 Projects.mp4

05m 13s

Chapter: Servers and Making the Mobile Application Powerful

Introduction to the Server-side Stack.mp4

02m 33s

A Demo on Using AJAX to Communicate with the Node.JS Server.mp4

08m 54s

Host Server-side Stack in Cloud.mp4

03m 11s

Chapter: A Complete Example

Demo on a Simple Chat App.mp4

08m 46s