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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


04m 26s

About The Author

02m 20s

MVC Design Pattern

04m 53s

MVC Terminology

04m 30s

Installing The Required Tools

04m 53s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: MVC Basics

Hello World

04m 46s

MVC Projects - Part 1

06m 57s

MVC Projects - Part 2

06m 47s

Data Model

05m 11s


06m 13s


05m 17s

Action Methods

06m 54s


04m 43s


03m 37s

Using Bootstrap

03m 28s

Chapter: MVC Technologies

Lambda Expressions

03m 53s


05m 30s

LINQ Queries

05m 13s

Razor And Data

04m 8s

Shared Layouts

03m 55s

Razor Language Basics

04m 53s

Chapter: E-Commerce Application

Code First Model

07m 5s

Data First Model

06m 31s

Home Page And Switchboard

03m 53s

Item List Controller

02m 47s

Item List View

05m 2s

Item Details

04m 59s

Pagination Controller

04m 8s

Pagination View

04m 7s


04m 40s

Partial Views

02m 29s

Chapter: Filtering And Grouping


04m 36s

Grouping Select List

05m 47s


04m 44s

Chapter: Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

06m 6s

Shopping Cart Views

04m 32s

Editing And Removing Cart Items

05m 31s

Checkout Model

03m 10s

Checkout Views

03m 59s

Checkout Controller

06m 56s

Chapter: Security Considerations.mp4

Authentication - Registering Users

03m 41s

Authentication - Login

05m 26s

Authorizing Pages

05m 45s

Chapter: Supporting Mobile Browsers

Mobile Options And Tools

07m 5s

Responsive CSS

06m 25s

Mobile Specific Views

06m 27s

Chapter: JQGrid

JQGrid Display

08m 42s

JQGrid Edit

05m 44s

Chapter: Conclusion.mp4

Conclusion And Resources

03m 7s