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Chapter: Getting Started


03m 3s

About The Author

01m 40s

Reference Materials

01m 55s

Install Java 8 For Windows

02m 9s

Install Java 8 For Mac

02m 17s

Install Java 8 For Linux

02m 45s

Install Eclipse For Windows

04m 13s

Install Eclipse For Mac

03m 38s

Install Eclipse For Linux

04m 48s

General Eclipse Overview

04m 6s

Installing Plugins

03m 42s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Creating A Project

Setting Preferences

01m 33s

Eclipse IDE Perspectives

01m 34s

Creating New Projects

02m 41s

Creating Packages

01m 38s

Creating Classes

04m 16s

Running The Program

01m 37s

Project Folder Structure

01m 40s

Chapter: Advanced Project Operations

Adding JUnit Tests

04m 11s

Import A JAR File

01m 35s

Deleting From Eclipse And Removing A Project From Disk

01m 38s

Importing And Configuring An Existing Project

06m 14s

Folding Code Regions

01m 53s

Chapter: Editor And General Shortcuts

Content Assist

02m 15s

Next And Previous Error

02m 51s

Maximizing The Code Editor

01m 40s

Matching Brackets

02m 23s

Previous Edit

02m 0s

Moving Between Editors

01m 11s

Project File Navigation

02m 31s

Run Selected Files

01m 44s

Clean Up, Import Statements And Add Or Remove

01m 42s

Code Editor, Navigation Selection And Line Deletion

03m 30s

Chapter: File And Edit Menus

New, Open, Close And Save

03m 31s


02m 45s

Move, Rename, Refresh, Convert Line Delimiters, Print, and Restart

04m 33s

Switch Workspaces

03m 20s


03m 10s

Properties And Recent File list

01m 57s

Edit Menu - Common Features

03m 23s

Expand Selection To

01m 53s

Find, Replace, Next and Previous

04m 21s


03m 6s


03m 6s

Smart Insert Mode

01m 50s

Tooltip, Set Encoding And Quick Fix

02m 42s

Advanced Content Assist And Word Completion

02m 33s

Chapter: Source

Toggle, Block Comments And Element Comments

02m 15s

Shifting Code, Formatting And Correcting Indentation

03m 32s

Adding And Organizing Imports Statements

03m 5s

Overriding And Implementing Base Methods

03m 14s

Generating Accessors And Mutators

02m 4s

Generating Delegate Methods

01m 41s

Generating ToString, Hashcode And Equals

02m 57s

Generating Constructors

03m 16s

Surrounding Blocks Of Code For Try, Catch Conditions And Loops

04m 18s

Externalizing Strings

02m 48s

Sorting Members And Custom Clean Up

04m 20s

Chapter: Refactoring

Renaming And Moving Files

04m 8s

Changing Method Signature

02m 38s

Extracting Methods

02m 6s

Extracting Expressions To Variables Or Constants

03m 39s

Inline Function

01m 53s

Converting Local Variable To Field

04m 7s

Extracting Superclass And Interface

04m 53s

Push Down And Pull Up

02m 6s

Extracting Class And Introducing Parameter Object

04m 19s

Indirection, Factory, And Encapsulate Field

03m 1s

Generalizing Declared Type And Inferring Generic Type Arguments

01m 54s

Chapter: Navigate And Searching

GoTo Next, Previous And Matching Bracket

01m 10s

Open Declaration Type And Type Hierarchy

04m 13s

Open Resource And Open Call Hierarchy

02m 18s

Open Implementation And Open Super Implementation

02m 35s

Generating Javadocs And Opening Attached Javadoc

08m 22s

Show And Toggle Breadcrumb

02m 5s

Quick Outline And Quick Type Hierarchy

02m 9s

GoTo Line

01m 21s

Java Search, File Search And Text Search

03m 24s

References, Declarations And Implementations

01m 51s

Occurrences In File

00m 56s

Chapter: Building And Running Projects

Building Projects

02m 7s


01m 26s

Project Properties

02m 4s

Running And Debugging Projects

03m 13s

Setting Breakpoints, Watchers And Stepping Through Code

04m 50s

Chapter: Conclusion

Eclipse Marketplace

01m 34s


01m 37s