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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What To Expect From This Course.mp4

01m 11s

About The Author.mp4

03m 51s

Course Overview.mp4

05m 23s

About The Security+ Exams.mp4

05m 42s

How To Access Your Working Files.mp4

01m 15s

Chapter: Understanding The Risks

Risk Assessment.mp4

06m 21s

Risk Calculation.mp4

05m 7s

Policies Standards And Guidelines.mp4

06m 18s

Understanding Control Types.mp4

03m 47s

Risk Management.mp4

06m 42s

Chapter: Three A Concept

Understanding The Three A Concept.mp4

04m 19s


06m 25s

Access Control.mp4

06m 5s

Access Control Methods.mp4

05m 38s

Authentication Issues.mp4

05m 39s

Authentication Protocols.mp4

05m 3s

Authentication Services - Part 1.mp4

04m 26s

Authentication Services - Part 2.mp4

05m 54s

Best Practices.mp4

05m 51s

Trusted OS.mp4

04m 6s

Setting Permissions.mp4

03m 5s

Chapter: Network Devices

Understanding TCP/IP.mp4

06m 23s

Protocols And Services - Part 1.mp4

06m 0s

Protocols And Services - Part 2.mp4

04m 19s

Firewalls - Part 1.mp4

05m 36s

Firewalls - Part 2.mp4

05m 36s

Routers And Switches.mp4

03m 52s

Load Balancing.mp4

06m 19s

Proxy Servers.mp4

05m 20s

IDS Versus IPS.mp4

06m 34s

UTM Devices.mp4

06m 15s

Protocol Analyzers.mp4

05m 6s

Using A Network Monitor.mp4

03m 45s

Chapter: Network Design Elements

Layering For Security.mp4

04m 58s


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06m 4s

Chapter: Security Threats

Understanding Malware.mp4

06m 15s


06m 2s

Virus Types - Part 1.mp4

05m 36s

Virus Types - Part 2.mp4

04m 21s

Antivirus Software.mp4

04m 11s

Attack Types - Part 1.mp4

05m 59s

Attack Types - Part 2.mp4

06m 30s

Common Attacks.mp4

06m 29s

Application Attacks - Part 1.mp4

05m 48s

Application Attacks - Part 2.mp4

05m 54s

Chapter: Wireless Networks

Wireless Network Basics.mp4

02m 44s

Wireless Protocols.mp4

05m 16s

Encryption Options.mp4

04m 45s

WAP Basics.mp4

03m 56s

Extensible Authentication Protocol.mp4

04m 42s

Wireless Vulnerabilities.mp4

04m 21s

Chapter: Application Security

Application Hardening.mp4

04m 43s


06m 2s

Patches And Updates.mp4

06m 1s

Secure Coding.mp4

04m 27s

Chapter: Host Security

Host Security Basics.mp4

04m 53s

ACLs And Permissions.mp4

06m 11s

Software Baselining.mp4

04m 14s

Email And Web Server Security.mp4

05m 59s

DHCP Security.mp4

04m 46s

DNS Security.mp4

05m 33s

Authorizing A DHCP Server.mp4

03m 37s

Chapter: Data Security

Fault Tolerance Basics.mp4

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06m 41s


06m 16s

The Backup Plan - Part 1.mp4

06m 11s

The Backup Plan - Part 2.mp4

05m 47s

Chapter: Security In The Cloud

Understanding Cloud Computing.mp4

03m 44s

Four Cloud Types.mp4

05m 44s

Saas, PaaS And IaaS.mp4

05m 16s

Security In The Cloud.mp4

06m 9s

Chapter: Social Engineering And Physical Security

Understanding Social Engineering.mp4

06m 18s

Social Engineering Types.mp4

06m 0s

Dealing With Social Engineering.mp4

06m 11s

Physical Security - Part 1.mp4

05m 40s

Physical Security - Part 2.mp4

05m 17s

Chapter: Cryptography

Cryptography Basics.mp4

06m 21s

PKI Basics.mp4

06m 12s


03m 55s

Viewing Certificates.mp4

03m 46s

CAs And RAs.mp4

06m 26s

SSL And TLS.mp4

04m 28s

Hard And Soft Encryption.mp4

05m 7s

Encrypting Files.mp4

05m 57s

Web Server Certificate Request.mp4

05m 8s

Chapter: Monitoring Networks

Network Monitoring Basics.mp4

05m 58s

Event Viewer.mp4

04m 28s

Hardening Basics - Part 1.mp4

04m 58s

Hardening Basics - Part 2.mp4

06m 33s

Detection Versus Prevention.mp4

05m 38s

Security Monitoring.mp4

06m 16s

Chapter: Security Administration

Security Awareness.mp4

04m 48s

Information Classification.mp4

04m 31s

Information Access.mp4

03m 31s

Security Regulation Compliance.mp4

05m 43s

Third Party Security.mp4

03m 52s

Mobile Devices.mp4

05m 56s


03m 14s

Chapter: Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plans.mp4

05m 12s

Incident Response Policies.mp4

06m 25s

Working With Vendors.mp4

06m 13s

Security Testing.mp4

04m 42s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up.mp4

06m 16s