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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Course Introduction

00m 49s

About Andy Anderson

03m 0s

Ten Deal-Breaker Features In FCP

05m 10s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Moving Forward


00m 22s

The FCP X Interface

06m 50s

Working Through Preferences

06m 31s

Getting Efficient With Shortcuts

03m 24s

Upgrading Existing Events And Projects

02m 34s

Chapter: Adding Media

Introduction To Adding Media

00m 31s

The Difference Between Clips, Events, And Libraries

02m 36s

Native FCP Formats

01m 23s

Creating A Library

02m 14s

Getting Ready To Import Media

03m 14s

Working With Archives

02m 27s

Adding Media From A Camera

03m 34s

Adding Media From An SD Card

01m 54s

Performing Multiple Edits On An Image Before Importing

01m 41s

Additional Import Options

01m 44s

Importing Video From Tape

02m 42s

When Importing Fails

02m 25s

Chapter: Keeping Your Clips Organized

Introduction To Organizing Your Clips

00m 35s

Organizing Clips With Events

03m 7s

Adding Keywords To Clips

03m 44s

Creating Keyword Shortcuts

02m 20s

Working With Keyword Collections

01m 36s

Adding Notes And Changing Clip Names

02m 42s

Keywording A Clip Range

01m 36s

Ratings, Rejections, And Favorites

02m 41s

Searching Clips With Filters

01m 50s

Creating Custom Keyword Collections

00m 56s

Generating A Smart Collection

01m 12s

Chapter: Editing Essentials

Introduction To Editing Essentials

00m 29s

Creating A Project

02m 27s

Controlling The Primary Storyline

05m 0s

Adding Clips To The Timeline

02m 59s

Performing A Batch Edit

01m 20s

Ripple And Trim Edits

03m 14s

Controlling The Storyline With Gaps

03m 49s

Blade Edits And Joining Clips

01m 55s

Working Above The Primary Storyline

03m 57s

Slipping, Sliding And BackTime Edits

02m 50s

Performing A Three-Point Edit

02m 58s

Lifting And Overwriting Clips

01m 53s

Chapter: On the Job Training

Introduction To On The Job Training

00m 28s

Importing More Media

02m 39s

Building The WEC Project

05m 16s

Mind Mapping The Project

04m 50s

Transforming And Adjusting Clip Lengths

05m 57s

Adding A Freeze Frame

04m 0s

Loading Up The Storyline

03m 6s

Changing The Speed Of A Clip

03m 3s

Chapter: Completing The WEC Spot

Introduction To Completing The WEC Spot

00m 23s

Adding A Placeholder Clip

05m 58s

Adding An Audio Clip

03m 53s

Adding Overlay Text

03m 26s

Setting The Mood With Additional Audio

03m 30s

Adding Transitional Text Clips

07m 40s

Final Cleanup And Run-Through

06m 9s

Markers 101

03m 26s

Controlling Markers

03m 20s

Chapter: Beyond Basic Editing

Introduction To Beyond Basic Editing

00m 30s

Using Hold And Blade Re-Timing Tips

06m 14s

The Need For More Speed

06m 51s

Working With Effects

03m 43s

Modifying Effects

02m 23s

Working With Keyframes

04m 18s

Generating A Compound Clip

03m 53s

Transitions 101

04m 39s

Controlling Clips With Masks

02m 36s

Creating A Default Transition

01m 36s

Copying And Pasting Clip Attributes

02m 54s

Controlling Clips On The Storyline

02m 41s

Chapter: Additional Editing Tips And Tricks

Introduction To Additional Editing Tips And Tricks

00m 23s

Loading The Working Files

06m 1s

Working With Compound Clips

04m 19s

Adding Text Overlays

05m 27s

Working With Audio Clips

06m 32s

Adding Background Music

05m 18s

Editing Audio To A Movie

06m 26s

Performing J-L Audio Edits

04m 33s

Separating Audio And Video

04m 36s

Working With Audition

02m 44s

Working With Proxy Files And Safe Zones

02m 33s

Chapter: Clip Transformations And Color

Introduction To Clip Transformations And Color

00m 24s

Transforming A Clip

04m 47s

Cropping And Trimming

03m 28s

Distorting A Clip

02m 49s

Blending Modes And Opacity

04m 53s

Controlling Special Effects

02m 59s

Working With Transitions

05m 3s

Auto Color Adjust And Color Match

06m 37s

Color Effects And Generators

03m 44s

Final Cut Pro Video Scopes

07m 49s

Color Saturation And Exposure

08m 15s

Creating And Color Mask

06m 29s

Chapter: Final Cut Pro Tricks And Tips

Introduction To Final Cut Pro Tricks And Tips

00m 33s

Using Generators

08m 16s

Working With The Counter Generator

05m 37s

Panning Audio Clips

04m 20s

Enhancing Audio

04m 49s

Using The Luma Keyer

05m 32s

Tricks With White Screens

07m 58s

Working With Chroma Keying

08m 55s

Working With Multicam

06m 46s

Chapter: Getting Ready for Primetime

Introduction To Getting Ready For Primetime

00m 45s

Finding Lost Media

04m 2s

Consolidating A Project

02m 12s

Adjusting Project Settings

02m 39s

Exporting To QuickTime

03m 0s

Exporting Sequences

01m 28s

Using Compressor

02m 21s

Sharing With The World

02m 9s

Exporting To Blu-Ray And DVD

02m 53s

Chapter: Conclusion


00m 50s