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Table of Contents

Overview of the Course

03m 26s

Brand Awareness

05m 45s

Brand Perception - Brand Attributes and Bipolar Scales

07m 12s

Brand Personality and Likert-Like Scales

03m 57s

Brand Score Cards and Corporate Reputation

13m 10s

Customer Loyalty

08m 49s

Surveys for New Product Development and Conjoint Analysis

09m 56s

Collecting and Analyzing Conjoint Data

04m 33s

Choice-Based Conjoint

09m 34s

Guidelines for Survey Question Development and Launching Surveys

21m 49s

How to Create Accurate Surveys and an Overview of Sampling

08m 43s

Sample Size Calculations

07m 49s

Illustration of Sample Size Calculations

17m 29s

Driver Analyses

07m 44s


09m 51s

Validity and Reliability of Measurement

07m 6s