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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

About This Course

01m 49s

Introducing C#

04m 18s

Introducing Visual Studio

23m 11s

Chapter: Basics

Values and Variables

16m 23s


10m 20s


03m 22s

Chapter: Arithmetic


12m 34s

Common Variable Problems

06m 44s

Integer Arithmetic

17m 29s

Floating-Point Arithmetic

15m 14s

Chapter: Text

Text Fundamentals, Part 1

25m 5s

Text Fundamentals, Part 2

15m 48s

Using Properties, Formatting Numbers as Text

11m 12s

Chapter: Time

Manipulating Dates and Times

21m 59s

Chapter: Conditional Control Flow

Boolean Logic

12m 32s

Conditional Logic With the "if" Statement

18m 43s

Looping With "while" and "for"

26m 49s

Looping With "do", "break" and "continue"

29m 45s

Chapter: User Input

User Input

21m 21s

Chapter: Collections


15m 4s

Reference Types and Value Types

19m 55s

A Deeper Look at Equality

13m 23s

Creating Arrays With "new"

09m 13s

Chapter: Writing Methods

Writing a Specification

09m 58s

Debugging a Method

19m 48s

Implementing a Method

20m 29s

Finding and Fixing Bugs

30m 22s

Using Assertions to Find Bugs Faster

25m 49s

More About Method Parameters

16m 50s

Putting It All Together

52m 11s

Chapter: Conclusion

Things We Didn't Cover In This Course

07m 42s