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Chapter: Getting Started

Introduction And Course Overview.mp4

01m 39s

About The Author.mp4

01m 32s

What Is A MAMP Server?.mp4

01m 28s

Chapter: The Operating System And Environments

The Operating System And Environments.mp4

03m 57s

Hardware Requirements.mp4

02m 51s

Command Line - Part 1.mp4

06m 26s

Command Line - Part 2.mp4

04m 12s

Command Line - Part 3.mp4

06m 28s

Command Line - Part 4.mp4

02m 35s

Chapter: MAMP Installation Options

Server Installation Options.mp4

04m 41s

Chapter: Enabling and Installing Server Stack Components

Enabling The Apache Web Server.mp4

05m 13s

Installing The MySQL Database.mp4

10m 25s

Enabling The PHP Scripting Language.mp4

07m 17s

Chapter: Apache Component Configuration

Configuring The Apache Web Server.mp4

06m 51s

Virtual Hosts And Configuration - Part 1.mp4

06m 27s

Virtual Hosts And Configuration - Part 2.mp4

00m 54s

Virtual Hosts And Configuration - Part 3.mp4

10m 17s

Chapter: PHP Configuration

PHP Configuration - Part 1.mp4

06m 3s

PHP Configuration - Part 2.mp4

03m 40s

Chapter: MySQL Database Configuration

MySQL Database Configuration.mp4

09m 24s

Chapter: Conclusion


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