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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction To Cassandra

Introducing The Course

04m 41s

Understanding What Cassandra Is

04m 57s

Learning What Cassandra Is Being Used For

04m 56s

Understanding The System Requirements

06m 54s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Opening The Main Virtual Machine

02m 52s

Pop Quiz - Intro to Cassandra

01m 24s

Chapter: Getting Started With The Architecture

Understanding That Cassandra Is A Distributed Database

02m 23s

Learning What Snitch Is For

03m 53s

Learning What Gossip Is For

01m 51s

Learning How Data Gets Distributed

05m 35s

Learning About Replication

02m 12s

Learning About Virtual Nodes

03m 1s

Pop Quiz - Getting Started with Architecture

01m 25s

Chapter: Installing Cassandra

Downloading Cassandra

02m 48s

Ensuring Oracle Java 7 Is Installed

02m 2s

Installing Cassandra

03m 44s

Viewing The Main Configuration File

02m 46s

Providing Cassandra With Permission To Directories

01m 45s

Starting Cassandra

03m 40s

Checking Status

04m 0s

Accessing The Cassandra system.log File

02m 5s

Pop Quiz - Installing Cassandra

01m 28s

Chapter: Communicating With Cassandra

Understanding Ways To Communicate With Cassandra

03m 47s


02m 28s

Pop Quiz - Communicating with Cassandra

01m 8s

Chapter: Creating A Database

Understanding A Cassandra Database

01m 53s

Defining A Keyspace

04m 56s

Deleting A Keyspace

00m 51s

Pop Quiz - Creating a Database

01m 52s

Lab: Create A Second Database

02m 39s

Chapter: Creating A Table

Creating A Table

01m 48s

Defining Columns And Data Types

02m 48s

Defining A Primary Key

01m 48s

Recognizing A Partition Key

02m 43s

Specifying A Descending Clustering Order

03m 2s

Pop Quiz - Creating a Table

01m 53s

Lab: Create A Second Table

02m 33s

Chapter: Inserting Data

Understanding Ways To Write Data

01m 27s

Using The INSERT INTO Command

04m 45s

Using The COPY Command

05m 53s

How Data Is Stored In Cassandra

04m 21s

How Data Is Stored On Disk

05m 28s

Pop Quiz - Inserting Data

02m 15s

Lab: Insert Data

09m 9s

Chapter: Modeling Data

Understanding Data Modeling In Cassandra

01m 21s

Using A WHERE Clause

04m 16s

Understanding Secondary Indexes

02m 18s

Creating A Secondary Index

01m 38s

Defining A Composite Partition Key

09m 33s

Pop Quiz - Modeling Data

03m 33s

Chapter: Creating An Application

Understanding Cassandra Drivers

02m 31s

Exploring The DataStax Java Driver

03m 14s

Setting Up A Development Environment

04m 3s

Creating An Application Page

04m 51s

Acquiring The DataStax Java Driver Files

03m 23s

Getting The DataStax Java Driver Files Through Maven

02m 23s

Providing The DataStax Java Driver Files Manually

02m 36s

Connecting To A Cassandra Cluster

03m 39s

Executing A Query

07m 47s

Displaying Query Results - Part 1

05m 59s

Displaying Query Results - Part 2

07m 20s

Using An MVC Pattern

04m 59s

Pop Quiz - Creating an Application

02m 50s

Lab: Create A Second Application - Part 1

05m 19s

Lab: Create A Second Application - Part 2

09m 49s

Lab: Create A Second Application - Part 3

03m 8s

Chapter: Updating And Deleting Data

Updating Data

03m 39s

Understanding How Updating Works

03m 55s

Deleting Data

07m 9s

Understanding Tombstones

07m 17s

Using TTLs

05m 8s

Updating A TTL

02m 38s

Pop Quiz - Updating and Deleting Data

02m 37s

Lab: Update And Delete Data

06m 59s

Chapter: Selecting Hardware

Understanding Hardware Choices

00m 30s

Understanding RAM And CPU Recommendations

02m 45s

Selecting Storage

04m 8s

Deploying In The Cloud

04m 6s

Pop Quiz - Selecting Hardware

02m 6s

Chapter: Adding Nodes To A Cluster

Understanding Cassandra Nodes

03m 39s

Having A Network Connection - Part 1

05m 35s

Having A Network Connection - Part 2

05m 1s

Having A Network Connection - Part 3

04m 46s

Specifying The IP Address Of A Node In Cassandra

04m 12s

Specifying Seed Nodes

06m 30s

Bootstrapping A Node

06m 18s

Cleaning Up A Node

02m 58s

Using cassandra-stress

10m 33s

Pop Quiz - Adding Nodes to a Cluster

01m 38s

Lab: Add A Third Node

10m 42s

Chapter: Monitoring A Cluster

Understanding Cassandra Monitoring Tools

00m 46s

Using Nodetool

04m 54s

Using JConsole

03m 24s

Learning About OpsCenter

03m 23s

Pop Quiz - Monitoring a Cluster

01m 49s

Chapter: Repairing Nodes

Understanding Repair

05m 17s

Repairing Nodes

04m 17s

Understanding Consistency - Part 1

06m 26s

Understanding Consistency - Part 2

04m 33s

Understanding Hinted Handoff

03m 30s

Understanding Read Repair

01m 58s

Pop Quiz - Repairing Nodes

03m 29s

Lab: Repair Nodes For A Keyspace

05m 45s

Chapter: Removing A Node

Understanding Removing A Node

00m 54s

Decommissioning A Node

04m 35s

Putting A Node Back Into Service

06m 38s

Removing A Dead Node

06m 42s

Pop Quiz - Removing a Node

04m 10s

Lab: Put A Node Back Into Service

05m 0s

Chapter: Redefining A Cluster For Multiple Data Centers

Redefining For Multiple Data Centers - Part 1

04m 50s

Redefining For Multiple Data Centers - Part 2

05m 58s

Changing Snitch Type

05m 25s


07m 44s

Changing Replication Strategy - Part 1

05m 54s

Changing Replication Strategy - Part 2

03m 58s

Pop Quiz - Redefining a Cluster

02m 30s

Chapter: Resources For FurTher Learning

Accessing Documentation

02m 51s

Reading Blogs And Books

04m 52s

Watching Video Recordings

04m 4s

Posting Questions

04m 10s

Attending Events

02m 59s

Wrap Up

01m 3s