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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to CSS

Course Introduction & Introduction to CSS

08m 24s

Creating a Functional Spec

13m 40s

Setting up your Environment

07m 59s

Organizing your Project

03m 53s

Chapter: Learning CSS Basics

Learning CSS Basics

07m 37s

Setting up Your CSS Files in Your HTML

13m 33s

Setting up a reset.css in Your Project

06m 56s

Looking at CSS Syntax

16m 57s

Chapter: Creating the Style Guide

Creating the Style Guide Introduction

01m 52s

Setting up Your Style Guide

06m 5s

Using Color in CSS

11m 31s

Font Styles: Using Font Weight

08m 35s

Font Styles: Using Font Size

05m 37s

Font Styles: Using Font Family

02m 22s

Font Styles: Adding to your Style Guide

08m 5s

Creating Custom Fonts Using @Fontface

08m 38s

Styling Links

09m 9s

Padding: Adding Padding to Classes and DIV's

06m 49s

Margins: Adding Margins to Classes and DIV's

05m 19s

Borders: Adding Borders to Classes and DIV's

06m 20s

Styling Backgrounds

10m 47s

Presenting Your Style Guide: How to Present Your Style Guide to Others

02m 11s

Chapter: Creating a Page Template

Introduction to Creating Page Templates

01m 6s

Creating Your First Page Template

03m 1s

Creating Div Styles: Adding Dropped Shadows

10m 41s

Creating Div Styles: Adding Rounded Corners

07m 18s

Creating Div Styles: Adding Translucency

10m 9s

Creating Div Styles: Adding Gradients

06m 13s

Creating Layouts Using DIV’s: Introduction to Creating a Layout Using Div's

00m 52s

Creating Layouts Using DIV’s: Adding a Column

08m 12s

Creating Layouts Using DIV’s: Adding Heights

04m 29s

Creating Layouts Using DIV’s: Adding Widths

02m 47s

Creating Layouts Using DIV’s: Adding Left and Right Floats

10m 27s

Creating Layouts Using DIV’s: Adding Layers

11m 33s

Creating a Page Structure for HTML 5

05m 19s

Creating Buttons: Creating the Button

08m 8s

Creating Buttons: Adding Hover State

08m 23s

Creating Buttons: Adding Images

02m 57s

Creating a Page Template Wrap Up

03m 25s

Chapter: Getting Ready for Production

Getting Ready for Production

00m 51s

Cross Browser Compatibility

07m 23s

Optimizing Your CSS: Add Multiples Classes on One Line

08m 57s

Optimizing Your CSS: Streamlining CSS Attributes Using Shorthand

06m 14s

Optimizing for Performance

09m 32s