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Table of Contents

Chapter: Meta

Meta - Overview

04m 15s

Meta - Using these Videos

03m 10s

Chapter: Basics

Basics - Working with the Browser and a Text Editor

03m 41s

Chapter: Variables

Variables - Overview

05m 51s

Variables - Working with String Expressions

04m 4s

Variables - Working with Number Expressions

07m 2s

Variables - Summary & Practice Overview

01m 48s

Chapter: Functions

Functions - Defining a Function & Calling a Function

15m 26s

Functions - Scope & Examples

13m 25s

Functions - Summary & Practice Overview

04m 6s

Accessing Solutions to the Practice Problems

01m 32s

Chapter: Types

Types - Overview

01m 37s

Types - The typeof Operator

08m 40s

Types - Numbers and Arithmetic Expressions

10m 30s

Types - Strings

10m 34s

Types - Boolean Types and Boolean Expressions

08m 8s

Types - Complex Boolean Expressions

09m 9s

Types - Functions that Test Types

09m 24s

Types - Summary & Practice Overview

05m 24s

Chapter: Conditionals

Conditionals - if-statements & else-clauses

14m 19s

Conditionals - Conditionals in Functions

09m 34s

Conditionals - if-else-if & nested if-statements

14m 58s

Conditionals - Writing Robust Functions

04m 14s

Conditionals - Summary & Practice Overview

02m 8s

Chapter: Loops

Loops - while-loops and for-loops

12m 12s

Loops - Using Loops in Functions

07m 8s

Loops - Transforming Strings with Loops

07m 55s

Loops - Breaking Out of a Loop

08m 31s

Loops - Iterating Backwards!

03m 36s

Loops - Summary & Practice Overview

02m 13s

Chapter: Arrays

Arrays - Overview & Basic Operations

12m 12s

Arrays - Similarities to Strings

05m 15s

Arrays - More Examples

14m 50s

Arrays - Array Types

06m 13s

Arrays - Summary & Practice Overview

03m 7s

Chapter: Array Iterators

Array Iterators - forEach

07m 44s

Array Iterators - Map

10m 13s

Array Iterators - Chaining

05m 41s

Array Iterators - Filter

06m 7s

Array Iterators - Some and Every

05m 10s

Array Iterators - Reduce

13m 19s

Array Iterators - Converting Between Strings and Arrays

05m 10s

Array Iterators - Summary & Practice Overview

05m 21s

Chapter: Objects

Objects - Overview & Basic Operations

11m 35s

Objects - The Relationship Between Objects and Arrays

04m 27s

Objects - Complex Objects

03m 41s

Objects - Checking Object Types

05m 13s

Objects - Summary & Practice Overview

05m 19s

Putting It All Together

08m 49s