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Chapter: Introduction To Swift

Welcome To The Course.mp4

02m 49s

Author Introduction.mp4

01m 14s

Introduction To Swift.mp4

02m 52s

Swift Vs Objective-C.mp4

03m 37s

How To Access Your Working Files.mp4

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Xcode Playgrounds.mp4

03m 26s

Chapter: Getting Started With Swift

Defining Constants With Let.mp4

02m 28s

Defining Variables With Var.mp4

01m 8s

Type Annotations And Inference.mp4

05m 54s

Defining Functions.mp4

01m 22s

Function Parameters.mp4

05m 42s

In/Out Parameters.mp4

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03m 47s

Conditional Statements: If.mp4

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Conditional Statements: Switch.mp4

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Loops: For.mp4

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Loops: For-In.mp4

03m 6s

Loops: While.mp4

01m 17s

Control Flow Statements.mp4

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Chapter: Swift Language Features

Automatic Reference Counting Overview.mp4

04m 24s

Strong And Weak References In Arc.mp4

04m 43s

Closures Overview.mp4

04m 40s

Closure Capturing Values.mp4

02m 45s

Trailing Closures.mp4

01m 58s

Array Collections.mp4

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Chapter: Swift Classes And Inheritance


02m 17s

Class Initializers.mp4

05m 24s

Class Methods.mp4

03m 2s

Class Properties.mp4

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Type Casting.mp4

03m 34s

The Anyobject.mp4

02m 40s

Defining Protocols.mp4

02m 4s

Implementing Protocols.mp4

05m 0s

Class Extensions.mp4

01m 37s

Chapter: Swift Enumerations, Structures, Generics And Operators


03m 24s

Associated Values.mp4

04m 30s

Enumeration Raw Values.mp4

02m 50s


04m 7s

Generic Functions.mp4

04m 28s

Generic Types.mp4

02m 29s

Optional Chaining.mp4

04m 37s

Bitwise Operators.mp4

05m 6s

And, Or, Xor.mp4

02m 44s

Overloading Operators.mp4

03m 51s

Chapter: Swift In Action

Master View: Task List.mp4

08m 42s

Detail View: Task Edit.mp4

09m 7s

Chapter: Conclusion


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