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Chapter: Getting Started

Welcome And Overview.mp4

04m 26s

About The Author.mp4

01m 13s

External Computer Architecture.mp4

06m 16s

Internal Computer Architecture.mp4

03m 38s

Defining A Program.mp4

08m 28s

Integrated Development Environments.mp4

05m 21s

Interpreted Versus Compiled Programming Languages.mp4

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How To Access Your Working Files.mp4

01m 15s

Chapter: Programming Terms

Application And Solution.mp4

02m 7s

Syntax And Syntax Errors.mp4

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Logical And Physical Memory Address.mp4

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Object Type.mp4

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Functions, Procedures And Methods.mp4

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Naming Convention.mp4

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Accessors And Mutators.mp4

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Runtime Error.mp4

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Logic And Algorithms.mp4

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Chapter: Programming Concepts

Creating A Solution.mp4

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Building Your Solution.mp4

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Starting And Running A Solution.mp4

01m 23s

Deploying Your Solution.mp4

01m 32s

Assigning Or Changing Variable Values.mp4

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Performing Mathematical Calculations.mp4

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Error Handling Exceptions And Trapping Handling.mp4

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Getting Input And Producing Output.mp4

03m 13s

Logical Statements With Operators And Variables.mp4

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Decision Structures.mp4

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Chapter: Abstract Programming Concepts

Procedural Programming.mp4

05m 37s

Functional Programming.mp4

05m 22s

Object-Oriented Programming And Design Patterns.mp4

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Object Modelling With UML Structure.mp4

05m 25s

Data Structures.mp4

03m 24s

Chapter: Conclusion

Conclusion And Next Steps.mp4

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