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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Will Discover.mp4

04m 23s

Installing The Corona SDK Framework.mp4

03m 34s

Installing The Outlaw IDE.mp4

03m 27s

Using Outlaw Or A Simple Code Editor.mp4

05m 27s

Using The Sample Code.mp4

02m 47s

How To Access Your Working Files.mp4

01m 15s

Chapter: Crash Course In Lua

An Introduction To The Lua Language.mp4

03m 15s

Lua Variables.mp4

14m 25s


09m 0s

Lua Tables - Part 1.mp4

03m 44s

Lua Tables - Part 2.mp4

06m 11s

Control Structures And Loops.mp4

08m 12s

Chapter: Display And Animate Images

Display An Image.mp4

10m 19s

Simple Animation.mp4

07m 30s

Playing With Display Properties.mp4

05m 22s

Triggering Code From Animations.mp4

07m 0s

Our First Explosion.mp4

07m 1s

Chapter: Tap And Touch Events

A Quick Look At Event-Driven Programming.mp4

06m 3s

Listening For A Tap Event.mp4

07m 33s

Touch Events And Their Phases.mp4

03m 29s

Dragging Display Objects.mp4

06m 59s

Bonus Sample Code.mp4

05m 5s

Chapter: Using The Widget Library

Making Buttons With Widgets.mp4

09m 19s

Graphical Buttons With Widgets.mp4

07m 16s

Switches And Checkboxes.mp4

06m 30s

Scrolling Pictures - Part 1.mp4

06m 28s

Scrolling Pictures - Part 2.mp4

05m 13s

Chapter: Make Some Noise - Music And Sound FX

Playing Short Sounds - Bleep And Bloop.mp4

06m 29s

Playing Music In Your App.mp4

06m 7s

Channel Management For Audio.mp4

09m 16s

Sounds In A Game Setting.mp4

04m 53s

Tweaking Audio With Audacity.mp4

04m 3s

Chapter: Text As Display Objects

Creating Text On The Screen.mp4

09m 34s

Using Custom Fonts.mp4

06m 50s

Building A Scoring Module.mp4

07m 54s

Bonus - The Lineprinter Function.mp4

04m 43s

Chapter: Scene Management With Composer

What Is Composer?.mp4

02m 15s

Understanding The Scene Template.mp4

06m 59s

Using Composer - Part 1.mp4

06m 5s

Using Composer - Part 2.mp4

06m 25s

A Composer Framework.mp4

03m 27s

Chapter: Saving And Loading Files

Writing Data To Text Files.mp4

05m 12s

Loading Text.mp4

04m 7s

Using A 3rd-Party Code Library.mp4

02m 57s

Adding Preferences To The App Framework.mp4

03m 1s

Chapter: Sprite Animation

Introduction To Animated Sprites.mp4

02m 38s

Creating Image Sheets.mp4

05m 34s

Playing Sprite Sequences - Part 1.mp4

06m 19s

Playing Sprite Sequences - Part 2.mp4

05m 33s

Playing Sprite Sequences - Part 3.mp4

03m 20s

Crash Dummies In The Moonlight.mp4

05m 13s

Chapter: The Basics Of Box2D Physics

Setting Up Your Physics World.mp4

10m 40s

Bounding Boxes For Physics Objects.mp4

07m 55s

It Is Raining Physics.mp4

04m 8s

Basic Collision Detection.mp4

07m 26s

Chapter: Creating A Physics-Based Game

Setting Up The Foundation - Part 1.mp4

07m 48s

Setting Up The Foundation - Part 2.mp4

05m 48s

A Mini Layout Editor.mp4

06m 24s

Building The Game - Part 1.mp4

07m 44s

Building The Game - Part 2.mp4

07m 2s

Building The Game - Part 3.mp4

08m 59s

Chapter: Creating A Space Shooter Game

The Space Shooter Game.mp4

08m 51s

Chapter: Creating A Puzzle Game

The Puzzle Game - Part 1.mp4

05m 58s

The Puzzle Game - Part 2.mp4

04m 54s

Chapter: Polishing Up The Games - Miscellaneous Tips

High Resolution Images.mp4

06m 58s

Chopping Trees And Mining Gold.mp4

06m 30s

Drifting Text Objects.mp4

06m 57s

The End Of The Beginning.mp4

02m 44s

Chapter: Conclusion.mp4

About The Author.mp4

01m 36s