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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To Data Visualization With D3

00m 57s

About The Author

00m 50s

What You Will Need

02m 6s

Setting Up Your Development Environment

03m 49s

Using The Project Template

03m 45s

Reading The D3 Documentation

01m 52s

How To Access Your Working Files

03m 22s

Chapter: Javascript Essentials

Reviewing Arrays And Objects

08m 55s

Using The Map And Filter Array Methods

06m 0s

Using Special D3 Array Functions

05m 7s

Chapter: Creating A Simple Bar Chart

Creating The SVG Element Programatically

04m 37s

Creating Bars From Data

04m 55s

Scaling Data

03m 23s

Styling The Bars With CSS

03m 9s

Adding Text To The Chart

05m 27s

Adding Flexibility With A Chart Function

02m 34s

Using SVG Groups

03m 17s

Chapter: Creating A Complex Bar Chart

Working With Arrays Of Objects

04m 48s

Creating An Ordinal Scale

05m 7s

Setting Color With Color Scales

04m 30s

Adding X And Y Axes

08m 18s

Flipping The Axes

05m 41s

Adding Gridlines

04m 43s

Rotating The X Axis Text

03m 27s

Adding Axis Labels

06m 0s

Updating The Plot Function With Best Practices

02m 27s

Chapter: Making The Chart Interactive

Adding A Sort Button To The Webpage

06m 31s

Sorting Data

03m 23s

Updating The Chart With Changes In Data

06m 14s

Updating The Axes With Changes In Data

10m 11s

Animating Changes In Data

03m 20s

Responding To Other Mouse Events

05m 43s

Chapter: Creating A Line Chart

Working With Dates

03m 48s

Plotting Time Data

08m 10s

Formatting A Time Scale Axis

06m 17s

Drawing A Path

08m 5s

Shading An Area Of The Chart

04m 32s

Exploring Path Options And Styling

04m 11s

Chapter: Creating A Scatter-Plot

Scatterplot Overview

02m 14s

Examining The Data

01m 47s

Plotting The Data

06m 25s

Creatively Scaling The Data Points

03m 14s

Plotting Groups Of Data Points

08m 25s

Adding The Y Axis And Gridlines

06m 58s

Adding The X Axis And Gridlines

05m 9s

Styling The Data Categories

02m 29s

Adding Interactivity - Data Detail

02m 33s

Adding Interactivity - Chart Key And Labels

08m 41s

Loading External CSV Data

04m 19s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

00m 46s