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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What To Expect From This Course

01m 35s

About The Author

03m 21s

Course Overview

05m 5s

Why Windows PowerShell?

06m 31s

How To Access Your Working Files

03m 22s

Chapter: PowerShell Basics

A Little History

06m 52s

PowerShell Or CMD

05m 36s

.NET Integration - Part 1

05m 40s

.NET Integration - Part 2

06m 23s

Backwards Compatability

05m 19s

Chapter: Getting Set Up With PowerShell

Getting PowerShell

04m 0s

Installing PowerShell

05m 18s

Administrative Privileges

03m 29s

Post Installation

04m 56s

Configuring The Console

05m 59s

PowerShell IDEs

06m 35s

PowerShell Profiles

06m 24s

Creating A PowerShell Profile

06m 15s

Chapter: Learning PowerShell Commands


06m 19s

Get-Help - Part 1

04m 52s

Get-Help - Part 2

05m 57s


04m 24s

Using Format - Part 1

05m 57s

Using Format - Part 2

05m 25s


05m 15s

NET Objects

04m 40s

Objects And Classes

05m 10s

Classes Objects And PowerShell - Part 1

06m 2s

Classes Objects And PowerShell - Part 2

06m 22s


06m 6s

Understanding The Pipeline

05m 26s

Tab Completion

04m 6s

Chapter: PowerShell Scripts

Creating A PowerShell Script

05m 46s

Executing A Script

05m 41s

Using A Shortcut

03m 27s


06m 29s


04m 27s

Comparison Operators

05m 27s

If Statements

05m 30s

Looping Through Code - Part 1

05m 42s

Looping Through Code - Part 2

03m 15s

Regular Expressions - Part 1

06m 2s

Regular Expressions - Part 2

04m 52s

Escape Character And Comments

05m 33s

Using Paramaters With Scripts

05m 49s

Chapter: PowerShell Providers

Understanding Providers - Part 1

06m 7s

Understanding Providers - Part 2

04m 58s

The File System Provider

03m 26s

The Alias Provider

03m 53s

The Variable And Function Providers

04m 32s

The Environment Provider

03m 1s

The Registry Provider

03m 0s

The Certificate Provider

04m 22s

Chapter: Working With Files And Folders

Working with Folders And Files

06m 4s

Reading And Writing

04m 24s

Output To HTML

02m 55s

Output To XML

03m 36s

Working With CSV

04m 35s

Chapter: System Administration

Working With Processes

05m 49s

PowerShell And WMI

05m 39s

Chapter: PowerShell Version 5

PowerShell v5

03m 36s

Major Features Of PowerShell v5

04m 14s

Chapter: Conclusion.mp4

Wrap Up

03m 21s