Books & Videos

Table of Contents

Pre-Flight Check

13m 8s

Spark Deconstructed

14m 31s

A Brief History

23m 27s

Simple Spark Apps

25m 7s

Spark Essentials

35m 18s

Spark Examples

21m 54s

Unifying the Pieces - Spark SQL

24m 6s

Unifying the Pieces - Spark Streaming

14m 48s

Unifying the Pieces - MLlib and GraphX

19m 59s

Unified Workflows Demo

22m 35s

The Full SDLC

04m 0s

Developer Certification

06m 9s


04m 44s

Introduction - Why DataFrames?

02m 27s

ETL to Prepare the Data from Capital Bikeshare

02m 46s

Create a DataFrame, Explore using SQL

02m 47s

Data Preparation for Machine Learning Models

05m 33s

Build a Classifier Using Naive Bayes

04m 42s

Build a Classifier Using Decision Trees

02m 25s

Build a Classifier Using Random Forests

02m 19s

Use a DataFrame to Compare Models

04m 14s

Parquet as a Best Practice with DataFrames

00m 58s

How to Store a DataFrame with Parquet

03m 24s

How to Read a DataFrame Back in From Parquet

02m 57s

Use SQL to Estimate Route Durations

01m 41s

Data Preparation for GraphX - Model Route Costs

04m 43s

Use PageRank to Rank Popular Stations

03m 14s

Optimize Routes to Columbus Circle

03m 43s

Compare Results with Google Maps

01m 58s

Analyze a Popular Tourist Route

02m 30s

Examples of How to Use DataFrames in Python

02m 57s

Summary - The New DataFrames Features in Spark

01m 2s