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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction To Painter 2015

Welcome To Corel Painter 2015

05m 39s

About The Author

03m 18s

Brushes And Custom Palettes - Part 1

04m 31s

Brushes And Custom Palettes - Part 2

06m 40s

Creative Scribbling - Part 1

06m 9s

Creative Scribbling - Part 2

05m 35s

How To Access Your Working Files

03m 22s

Chapter: Layer Basics

Managing Layers

09m 21s

Project - Oranges

06m 24s

Chapter: The Painter Desktop


04m 16s

The Toolbox - Part 1

05m 2s

The Toolbox - Part 2

06m 18s

Color Panels

05m 52s

Media Libraries

05m 25s

Paper Textures

03m 34s

Menu Commands - Part 1

06m 48s

Menu Commands - Part 2

06m 22s

Menu Commands - Part 3

06m 48s

Chapter: Clone Painting

Cloner Brushes

06m 20s

Project - Oranges Revisited

05m 55s

Chapter: Brush Controls

Brush Control Basics

08m 39s

New Particle Brushes

08m 44s

Chapter: Project - Pastel Portrait

Pet Portrait - Part 1

05m 34s

Pet Portrait - Part 2

09m 38s

Chapter: Effects Menu

Tonal Controls

04m 31s

Surface Controls

06m 36s

Esoterica - Part 1

05m 51s

Esoterica - Part 2

06m 41s

Chapter: Selection Techniques

Working With Channels

06m 53s

Selection Portfolio

06m 10s

Chapter: Working With Text

Text Properties

05m 22s

Text Effects

05m 41s

Chapter: Project - Travel Poster

Poster Graphic - Part 1

04m 38s

Poster Graphic - Part 2

07m 15s

Chapter: Dynamic Layers

Dynamic Layers

03m 49s

Liquid Metal

05m 12s

Chapter: Automatic And Semi-Automatic Techniques


07m 27s

Smart Stroke Cloning

05m 49s

Mirror And Kaleidoscope

05m 43s

Chapter: Project - Urban Collage

Brussels - Part 1

04m 43s

Brussels - Part 2

06m 24s

Chapter: Watercolor Brushes

Watercolor Categories

07m 29s

Project - Coloring A Sketch

06m 34s

Chapter: Caricature

Caricature Demo - Part 1

04m 32s

Caricature Demo - Part 2

06m 54s

Chapter: Conclusion

Painter Resources And The Painter Community

01m 50s