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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 53s

What We Will Cover

02m 31s

Getting And Installing Python

02m 48s

Integrated Development Environments

03m 59s

Python 2 Versus Python 3

03m 3s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Python Refresher

Python Console

02m 15s

Creating And Running Scripts

04m 8s


04m 28s


05m 23s


03m 24s


03m 58s

Conditional Statements

03m 46s

Calling To System

04m 13s

Using Threads

04m 38s

Parsing Arguments

04m 20s

Handling Exceptions

04m 34s

Installing Additional Packages

02m 26s


04m 10s


03m 17s

Chapter: Networking

Network Byte Order

03m 13s

Name Server Lookups

03m 27s

Network Client

04m 28s

Network Server

04m 39s

Grabbing Banners

05m 23s

Simple HTTP Request

02m 56s

Capturing Packets

03m 22s

Reading Headers

05m 15s

Parsing PCAP Files

02m 49s

Creating Raw Packets With Scapy

03m 28s

Communicating With SSL

05m 31s

Talking To SMTP Servers

03m 56s

Talking To POP3 And IMAP Servers

06m 30s


04m 46s


03m 39s


03m 32s

Telnet Client

04m 20s

Chapter: HTTP Programming


04m 33s

Setting The User Agent

02m 46s

Setting Cookies

03m 23s

Using A HEAD Request

03m 41s

Interfacing With Web Forms

03m 56s

Parsing Web Responses

04m 58s

Using Web Proxies

03m 12s

Downloading Files Via HTTP

02m 34s


03m 42s

Chapter: Security Scripting

Threaded Network Testing

05m 22s

Creating Alternate Data Streams

03m 31s

Fuzzing With Python

05m 17s

Debugging With Python

03m 58s

Steganography With Stepic

02m 26s

Encrypting And Decrypting Data

03m 46s

Hiding Encrypted Data With Steganography

04m 8s

Interacting With MySQL

03m 51s

Replaying Network Traffic

03m 28s

Chapter: Forensic Scripting

Accessing Windows Registry - Part 1

03m 58s

Accessing Windows Registry - Part 2

04m 2s

Accessing MFT - Part 1

06m 58s

Accessing MFT - Part 2

04m 12s

Log Parsing

04m 52s

Analyzing The MBR

06m 32s

Reading Alternate Data Streams

04m 8s

Getting Process Lists

03m 8s

Getting Access To SQLite Databases

04m 18s

Accessing Browser Data Through SQLite

04m 8s

Getting Access To Recycle Bin

03m 55s

Walking A Filesystem

02m 43s

Finding Files By Time

03m 46s

Chapter: Twisted Python

What Is Twisted?

02m 34s

Echo Server

04m 7s

Echo Client

04m 34s

HTTP client

04m 48s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrapping Up

03m 12s

What Is Next?

02m 37s