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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with the Spring MVC

Setting Up the Development Environment

04m 21s

Writing Our First Spring MVC Application

05m 45s

Using the Startup Code

07m 56s

Chapter: Creating Spring MVC Controllers

Understanding the Model

07m 21s

Calling the Model

07m 1s

Writing a Controller

09m 4s

Chapter: Enabling User Input and Implementing Validation

Getting the User Input

05m 53s

Using Path Variables and Redirects

07m 38s

Implementing Validation

08m 27s

Adding the Update Functionality

05m 14s

Chapter: Implementing Theming and Internationalization

Working with Multiple Entities

06m 2s

Implementing Themes

05m 56s

Implementing Internationalization

05m 47s

Chapter: Implementing Advanced Web App Functionality Part 1

Working with Model Objects

07m 16s

Understanding Data Binding

07m 32s

Writing Custom Validators

07m 13s

Handling Exceptions

05m 44s

Chapter: Implementing Advanced Web App Functionality Part 2

Implementing the Login Functionality

06m 39s

Implementing the Shopping Cart Functionality

05m 47s

Implementing the Ordering Functionality

06m 43s

Writing Custom Interceptors

07m 48s

Chapter: Understanding Integration with Advanced Views

Integrating with Freemarker

07m 1s

Integrating with Apache Tiles

06m 29s

Working with Multiple Content Types

09m 3s

Chapter: Working with RESTful Web Services

Understanding RESTful Web Services

06m 37s

Implementing Your First REST Endpoint

06m 20s

Implementing CRUD APIs

07m 1s

Implementing Exception Handling and HATEOAS

09m 19s