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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting the Setup


01m 38s

What Is Ember.js?

02m 38s

Getting Help

03m 0s

Chapter: The Anatomy of an Application

Applying the MVC Pattern

02m 32s

Working with the Ember Router

04m 55s

Convention over Configuration

03m 20s

Planning Our Application

02m 3s

Chapter: Building the Application Skeleton

Folder Structure

01m 52s

Building the index.html File

03m 34s

Creating a Simple Model

02m 53s

Building Templates

03m 50s

Creating Records

05m 21s

Template Binding and Computed Properties

04m 32s

Chapter: Adding Bells and Whistles

Creating Template Helpers

03m 31s

Element Data Binding

03m 29s

Advanced Data Binding

03m 58s

Building Reusable Components

03m 52s

Chapter: Conclusion and Where to Go Next

Building Relational Data Models

02m 20s

Ember CLI

02m 38s


01m 27s