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Table of Contents

Chapter: Welcoming Ghost

What is Ghost?

04m 31s

What is Node.js?

04m 11s

Course Objectives

01m 57s

The Ghost Roadmap

03m 21s

Chapter: Hosting and Installation

Hosting Options

04m 8s

Ghost Pro

03m 13s

Ghost On Linux

05m 54s

Ghost On Mac

03m 0s

Upgrading Ghost

04m 3s

Chapter: Setting Up and Configuring Your Blog

Configuring Your Blog

03m 52s

Setting Up the e-mail

02m 35s

Keep Your Blog Running

03m 56s

Importing from WordPress

02m 46s

Blog and User Settings

04m 2s

Chapter: Themes and Add-Ons

An Overview of Ghost Themes

04m 34s

Finding Themes

03m 12s

Installing Themes

02m 8s

Adding Disqus Comments

03m 43s

Adding Google Analytics

03m 56s

Chapter: Blogging and Publishing

Writing in Markdown

03m 39s

Creating Your First Post

02m 51s

Inserting Images in Your Posts

01m 36s

Embedding Audio and Video

02m 48s

Managing Your Content

03m 36s