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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Should Expect From This Course

03m 45s

About The Author

02m 31s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: The Oracle Relational Database

The Relational Database

05m 51s

The Oracle 12C RDBMS

06m 23s

Structured Query Language

05m 2s

Setting Up SQL Developer

05m 11s

Setting Up Oracle APEX

05m 6s

Chapter: The SQL SELECT Statement

The Syntax Of SQL

04m 3s

Projecting Columns In A SQL Statement

04m 16s


05m 33s

Using Aliases In SQL

03m 38s

Arithmetic Operators

04m 37s

Displaying Unique Values With DISTINCT

04m 22s

Concatenating Values

04m 17s

Chapter: Conditionals In SQL Statements

Selectivity And WHERE Clause Syntax

03m 7s

Conditions Of Equality

04m 23s

Conditions Of Non-Equality

05m 17s

Range Conditions With BETWEEN

03m 34s

Set Conditions With IN

02m 51s

Pattern Matching With LIKE

05m 6s

Boolean Conditions

05m 2s

Sorting Data With ORDER BY

04m 43s

Sort Ordering And Secondary Sorts

05m 2s

Ampersand Substitution

05m 10s

Chapter: Row Level Data Transformation

Understanding Single-Row Functions

03m 50s

Case Conversion Functions

03m 37s

Basic String Manipulation Functions

06m 23s

Advanced String Manipulation Functions

07m 3s

Date Functions

04m 46s

Arithmetic Functions

05m 4s

Chapter: Conversion Functions And Conditional Expressions

Date To Character Conversion

05m 6s

Character To Date Conversion

04m 20s

Numeric Conversion

04m 43s

Conditional Expression Functions

04m 49s

Chapter: Aggregate Data Transformation

Group Functions

03m 45s

Grouping Data With GROUP BY

04m 3s

Row Exclusion With HAVING

03m 21s

Using SQL Clauses Together

02m 55s

Chapter: Combining Data

Explicit Versus Implicit Join Notation

04m 28s

Implicit Cartesian Joins

03m 13s

Implicit Equijoins

04m 48s

Implicit Outer Joins

04m 46s

Explicit Cross Joins

03m 17s

Ambiguous Explicit Joins With NATURAL JOIN

04m 29s

Explicit Column Joins With JOIN USING

03m 7s

Fully Specified Explicit Joins With JOIN ON

02m 51s

Self Joins And Non-Equijoins

04m 4s

Multi-Table Joins

05m 16s

Chapter: Subqueries And Set Operators

Solving Problems With Subqueries

03m 9s

Basic Scalar Subqueries

03m 13s

Advanced Scalar Subqueries

03m 58s

Multi-Row Subqueries

06m 15s

Correlated Subqueries

03m 39s

Multi-Column Subqueries

04m 29s

Nested Subqueries

02m 27s

Using Set Operators

04m 41s

Chapter: Data Manipulation And DML

Create Data With INSERT

05m 2s

Modify Data With UPDATE

03m 58s

Remove Data With DELETE And TRUNCATE

03m 56s

Transaction Control

05m 29s

Chapter: Data Definition Language

The Purpose Of DDL

04m 16s

Oracles Schema Based Approach

04m 38s

Database Objects

05m 57s

Column Datatypes

04m 35s

The CREATE TABLE Statement

04m 55s

Avoiding Datatype Errors

06m 30s

Modifying Tables With ALTER TABLE

07m 36s

The NOT NULL Constraint

02m 38s

PRIMARY KEY Constraint

05m 8s

FOREIGN KEY Constraint

04m 59s

UNIQUE Constraint

03m 28s

CHECK Constraint

03m 43s

Chapter: Certification Exam Preparation

About The Exam

03m 50s

Hints And Strategies For Preparation

04m 17s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

02m 12s