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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Introduction

About This Series

03m 6s

What You Will Learn

03m 43s

About The Author

02m 8s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Deciding On Dashboards

Deciding On Dashboards

08m 4s

Reports, Dashboards And Scorecards

06m 42s

Pondering The Plan

03m 20s

Selecting Measures And Metrics

08m 36s

Chapter: Preparing The Data

Preparing The Data

03m 6s

Data Modeling Basics

04m 27s

Structuring The Workbook

05m 5s

Connecting To Data - Part 1

04m 36s

Connecting To Data - Part 2

08m 34s

Simplifying Data With Named Ranges

06m 55s

Leveraging The Efficiency Of Tables

07m 54s

Harnessing The Power Of Pivot Tables

10m 13s

Managing Connected Data

05m 29s

Simplifying With Custom Number Formats

10m 22s

Chapter: Building Dashboards

Building Dashboards

02m 48s

Dashboard Design Rules

07m 5s

Managing Branding With Custom Themes

07m 31s

Creating The Navigation Bar - Part 1

06m 55s

Creating The Navigation Bar - Part 2

06m 57s

Creating The Navigation Bar - Part 3

05m 7s

What Is In A Word?

08m 0s

Building Out Worksheets And Navigation

01m 57s

Summarizing Data Using Groups

02m 24s

Configuring Show Values As For Pivot Tables

04m 52s

Assigning Categories Using Nested If

04m 2s

Identifying Top Ten Values

03m 36s

Finding The Last Value In A Series

06m 19s

Chapter: Getting Visual

Getting Visual

05m 2s

Customizing Display With Text-Based Elements

05m 46s

Alerting With Conditional Formatting

05m 16s

Chart And Sparkline Review

08m 8s

Creating Sparklines For Dashboards

04m 5s

Creating Charts For Dashboards

07m 25s

Using A Waffle Chart To Show Progress

06m 53s

Using The Excel Camera

03m 39s

Creating A Distribution Histogram

08m 36s

Hitting The Mark With Bullet Graphs

05m 9s

Chapter: Adding Interactivity

Adding Interactivity

03m 26s

Displaying The Developer Tab

01m 34s

Understanding Interactive Dashboard Controls

06m 35s

Adding Actions To Buttons

08m 2s

Creating Custom Content With Combo Boxes

07m 44s

Simplifying With Check Boxes

05m 16s

Facilitating Filtering With Slicers And Timelines

09m 35s

Finalizing By Color-Coding, Hiding And Protecting Worksheets

05m 33s

Chapter: Generating Dashboards As Output

Generating Dashboards As Output

02m 30s

Producing Dashboards As PDF

04m 27s

Presenting Dashboards With Powerpoint

02m 59s

Sharing Dashboards Via OneDrive

05m 3s

Chapter: Conclusion

What You Now Know

05m 56s