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Chapter: Introduction To SolidWorks 2015 Drawing Tools


02m 14s

About The Author

02m 32s

What You Will Learn

02m 21s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Drawings - Fundamentals

Drawing Overview

03m 21s

The Drawing Environment

04m 38s

Model View

05m 36s

Standard 3 View

04m 48s

Projected View

01m 46s

Auxiliary View

03m 18s

Section View

08m 8s

Chapter: Drawings - Intermediate

Assembly Section View

03m 29s

Detail View

05m 3s

Broken-Out Section

03m 8s


04m 49s

Crop View

02m 30s

Alternate Position View

03m 20s

Exploded Views

02m 55s

View Alignment

01m 42s


02m 13s

Chapter: Drawing Annotations - Fundamentals

Dimension Overview

03m 14s

Driving Dimensions

07m 1s

Driven Dimensions

04m 16s

Dimension Format

03m 25s

Ordinate Dimensions

02m 39s

Baseline Dimensions

02m 14s

Center Marks

02m 13s


01m 56s


04m 50s


03m 28s

Chapter: Drawing Annotations - Intermediate

Surface Finish

03m 10s

Weld Symbol

03m 24s

Hole Callout

04m 29s

Datum - Feature Symbol

04m 11s

Datum - Target Symbol

05m 15s

Geometric Tolerance

05m 7s

Chapter: Tables

Bill Of Materials - Part 1

02m 56s

Bill Of Materials - Part 2

06m 20s

Bill Of Materials - Linking

04m 32s

General Table

03m 10s

Hole Table

05m 8s

Revision Table

03m 40s

Revision Cloud And Revision Symbol

02m 1s

Chapter: Drawing Templates

Drawing Templates

03m 30s

Drawing Zones

03m 51s

Custom Sheet Formats

03m 25s

Custom Properties

03m 44s

Chapter: Drawing Tools Certification Preparation

Recommended Preparation

03m 21s

Getting Ready

04m 36s

Exam Strategies

04m 15s

Practice Exam

02m 41s


01m 35s