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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction

1.01 Introduction To SolidWorks Weldments

02m 23s

1.02 About the Author

02m 6s

1.03 What You Will Learn

01m 25s

1.04 How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. Structural Members

2.01 Creating A Structural Member

04m 19s

2.02 Groups

04m 44s

2.03 Corner Treatment - Part 1

09m 28s

2.04 Corner Treatment - Part 2

04m 38s

2.05 Manual Trimming Of Structural Members

05m 5s

Chapter: 03. Sketches

3.01 2D And 3D Layout Sketches

04m 2s

Chapter: 04. Plates, End Caps And Gussets

4.01 Adding Plates

02m 37s

4.02 Creating End Caps

05m 1s

4.03 Creating Gussets

03m 35s

Chapter: 05. Symmetry

5.01 Using Symmetry

05m 26s

Chapter: 06. Cut Lists

6.01 Managing Cut Lists

03m 52s

6.02 Other Cut Lists Features

05m 21s

Chapter: 07. Bounding Box

7.01 Creating A Bounding Box

02m 26s

Chapter: 08. Weld Beads and Weld Tables

8.01 Adding A Weld Bead To Parts Or Assemblies

06m 12s

8.02 Adding A Weld Bead Table To A Drawing

04m 14s

Chapter: 09. Sub-Weldments

9.01 Creating Sub-Weldments

06m 23s

Chapter: 10. Custom Profiles

10.01 Creating Custom Structural Member Profiles

05m 55s

Chapter: 11. Weldments Certification Preparation

11.01 Recommended Preparation

03m 22s

11.02 Getting Ready

04m 1s

11.03 Exam Strategies

03m 56s

11.04 Practice Exam

03m 11s

Chapter: 12. Conclusion

12.01 Wrap-Up

01m 21s