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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To Autodesk Inventor 2015 T-Splines

00m 55s

About The Author

01m 4s

What You Will Learn

00m 42s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Subdivision Modelling Primer

What Are T-Splines And Why We Use Them

02m 49s

CVs, Control Polygons, The Cage And Subdivision Explained

04m 45s

Surfaces Vs T-Splines

02m 30s

T-Splines Troubleshooting

07m 59s

Chapter: T-Splines Tools

Creating T-Splines Primitives

06m 51s

The Marvellous Magical Manipulator

05m 17s

Adding And Removing Symmetry From T-Spline Surfaces

01m 58s

Inserting, Sharpening And Creasing Edges

04m 55s

Adding Faces By Extruding And Subdividing

02m 19s

Simplifying T-Spline Surfaces By Deleting Geometry

01m 31s

Adding Bridges And Tunnels

01m 36s

Converting Freeform T-Spline Surfaces Into Solids

01m 59s

Matching T-Spline Edges For Greater Accuracy

03m 22s

Chapter: Project Spoon

Inserting A Reference Image

04m 37s

Creating The Bowl

06m 3s

Extruding The Handle

06m 30s

Chapter: Project Mug

Forming The Body

06m 38s

Bridging The Handle

05m 12s

Hollowing Out The Centre

04m 29s

Chapter: Project Saw

Roughing Out The Saw Handle

07m 36s

Adding Definition To The Shape

08m 18s

Bridging The Finger Hole

04m 6s

Converting To A Solid And Adding Features

01m 42s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

00m 45s