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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction

1.01 About The Course

01m 51s

1.02 About The Author

00m 54s

1.03 How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. Working With Large Assemblies

2.01 Large Assembly Overview

07m 5s

2.02 Assembly Express Mode

04m 6s

2.03 Large Assembly Drawings

06m 20s

Chapter: 03. Advanced Constraints

3.01 Limiting Constraints

03m 8s

3.02 Flexible Components

03m 26s

3.03 Motion And Translational Constraints

06m 48s

3.04 Transitional Constraints

04m 6s

3.05 UCS Constraint Sets

04m 13s

Chapter: 04. Positional Representations

4.01 Positional Representation Overview

01m 32s

4.02 Creating Positional Representations

08m 19s

4.03 Editing Positional Representations

03m 9s

4.04 Positional Representation In Drawings

04m 53s

Chapter: 05. Level Of Detail Representations

5.01 Level Of Detail Overview

03m 30s

5.02 System Level Of Detail

05m 58s

5.03 Creating User Level Of Detail

06m 29s

5.04 Nesting Level Of Detail

08m 43s

5.05 Using Level Of Detail

04m 16s

5.06 Substitute Level Of Detail

04m 10s

5.07 Creating And Updating Substitutes

03m 11s

Chapter: 06. Frame Generator

6.01 Introduction To Frame Generator

02m 7s

6.02 Creating A Frame Skeleton

07m 20s

6.03 Inserting Skeleton And Members

11m 52s

6.04 Frame Generator End Treatments - Part 1

05m 22s

6.05 Frame Generator End Treatments - Part 2

07m 42s

6.06 Frame Generator Reuse And Change Reuse

06m 52s

6.07 Frame Analysis Methods

05m 52s

6.08 Frame Generator Documentation

08m 15s

6.09 Structural Shape Authoring

06m 53s

Chapter: 07. Weldments

7.01 Weldment EnvironmentWeldment Environment

04m 2s

7.02 Assembly Weld Preparations

04m 5s

7.03 Assembly Welds - Part 1

07m 41s

7.04 Assembly Welds - Part 2

08m 20s

7.05 Assembly Weld Machining

04m 27s

7.06 Weldment Documentation

07m 49s

Chapter: 08. Conclusion

8.01 Wrap Up

02m 37s