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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Getting Started With WordPress

What You Will Learn

00m 56s

About The Author

00m 43s

What Is WordPress?

01m 23s

Popular WordPress Sites

04m 55s Versus

03m 3s

Hosting Your WordPress Site

04m 40s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. Installing WordPress

The Advantages Of Local Installation

02m 42s

Downloading WordPress

03m 15s

Downloading MAMP For Your Mac

02m 25s

Creating The MySQL Database For Mac

01m 54s

Installing WordPress On The Mac

03m 56s

Downloading XAMPP For PC

03m 51s

Setting Up XAMPP And Creating A Database For PC

03m 15s

Installing WordPress On The PC

04m 44s

Chapter: 03. Basic WordPress Settings

Viewing The Default Website

04m 17s

An Overview Of The Admin Interface

04m 32s

Changing The Title And Tagline

02m 20s

Writing Settings

04m 56s

Reading Settings

02m 53s

Discussion Settings

03m 52s

Media Settings

01m 9s

Permalink Settings

04m 55s

Chapter: 04. Content Management In WordPress

Posts And Pages

06m 49s

Using The WYSIWYG Editor

09m 29s

Using The Quick Draft And Quick Edit Features

03m 15s

Inserting And Editing Images

06m 47s

Featured Images

08m 15s

Inserting Videos

02m 46s

Post Formats

04m 3s

Categories And Tags

06m 45s

Building Menus

03m 57s

Managing Comments

04m 49s

Handling Comment Spam

03m 38s

Introduction To Widgets

07m 17s

Building A Custom Home Page

04m 38s

Building A Posts Page

04m 14s

Building An Image Gallery

03m 47s

Chapter: 05. WordPress Themes

Looking At The Default Themes

04m 58s

Searching For New Themes

03m 54s

Installing Themes The Easy Way

04m 9s

Installing Themes Manually

04m 23s

Understanding The Folder Structure

04m 10s

Theme-Based Settings

09m 54s

Theme-Based Plugins

03m 22s

Theme-Based Widgets

04m 4s

Page And Post Templates

07m 26s

Chapter: 06. WordPress Plugins

What Is A Plugin?

03m 10s

How To Find Plugins

02m 36s

Installing Plugins The Easy Way

02m 49s

Installing Plugins Manually

05m 37s

Recommended SEO Plugins

05m 35s

Spam Prevention Plugins

03m 17s

Contact Form Plugins

05m 20s

Captain Favicon

01m 40s

Caching Plugins

04m 16s

Social Media Plugins

02m 53s

Security Plugins

05m 19s

Keeping Up With Updates

01m 50s

When Things Break

04m 6s

Chapter: 07. Managing Users

Creating New Users

09m 25s

Editing And Deleting Users

03m 29s

Editing Your Own Profile

05m 16s

Chapter: 08. Customizing Your Theme

A Closer Look At Theme Options

06m 14s

A Closer Look At The Theme Editor

03m 7s

The Problem With Editing Your Theme

02m 52s

Creating A Child Theme

10m 49s

CSS Primer

07m 18s

Basic Customization With PHP And CSS

09m 22s

Chapter: 09. Going Live

Finding A Host

02m 25s

Easy Online WordPress Installation

02m 30s

Backing Up Your Site

02m 33s

Restoring The Backup

05m 36s

Updating The Database

04m 0s

Chapter: 10. Conclusion

Wrapping Up

00m 46s