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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome / What You Will Accomplish

01m 58s

Using The Project Files

01m 57s

Chapter: Welcome Screen

Let PSE Show You Around

02m 18s

Organizer Workspace

01m 33s

Edit Workspace

01m 45s

Signing Up To

03m 19s

Help and Support

03m 50s

Chapter: Organizer Overview

Touring The Organizer Interface

05m 42s

Understanding Catalogs

03m 44s

Organize, Fix, Create, and Share

03m 18s

Chapter: Importing Photos

Importing Photos From Files and Folders

04m 26s

Importing Photos From Camera

02m 45s

Chapter: Managing Photos

Viewing Photos

03m 48s

Selecting Photos

02m 39s

Rotating Photos

02m 2s

Renaming Photos

01m 44s

Adjusting Photo Dates

01m 52s

Hiding And Deleting Photos

04m 8s


02m 33s

Moving Photos

02m 6s

Auto Reconnect

02m 45s

Undo and Redo

01m 42s

Chapter: Managing & Finding Photos

Creating Albums

04m 47s

Creating Smart Albums

03m 16s

Adding Keyword Tags To Photos

04m 15s

Finding Photos By Keyword Tags

02m 15s

Searching Via Keyword Tags

02m 2s

Smart Tags

02m 59s

Chapter: Finding Photos

Finding Photos Within a Set Date Range

01m 53s

Finding Photos By File Name

01m 13s

Finding Photos By History

01m 51s

Finding Photos By Media Type

01m 40s

Finding Photos By Details

03m 11s

Using The Timeline

01m 59s

Date View

03m 13s

Other Ways To Find Photos

04m 4s

Chapter: Display & Comparing Photos

Catalog Display Views

01m 53s

View, Edit, Organize In Full Screen

06m 31s

Compare Photos Side By Side

02m 28s

Chapter: Photo Fix Options

Auto Smart Fix

02m 3s

Auto Color

01m 0s

Auto Levels

01m 29s

Auto Contrast

01m 15s

Auto Sharpen & Auto Red Eye

01m 18s


03m 31s

Chapter: Full Edit Workspace

Touring the Full Edit Interface

04m 20s

Quick and Guided Edit

04m 57s

Opening a File

05m 53s

Creating a Blank File

02m 8s

Setting Edit Preferences

04m 16s

Adjusting Color Settings

02m 29s

Using the Undo History Command

03m 33s

Zooming and Navigating

02m 38s

Resizing Photos and Adjusting Resolution

03m 33s

Enlarging the Canvas

03m 2s

Saving Files

03m 49s

Preparing Images for the Web

07m 27s

Chapter: Working With Selections

Selection Overview

03m 25s

Easy Selection Techniques

11m 20s

Advanced Selection Techniques

04m 37s

Modifying and Saving Selections

02m 17s

Chapter: Working With Layers

Understanding Layers

04m 55s

Layers Palette Overview

08m 14s

Working with Layer Masks

09m 31s

Chapter: Working With Tools

Moving Images

07m 38s

Panning and Zooming

07m 16s

The Eyedropper

02m 59s

Rectangular and Elliptical Marquees

06m 58s

Lasso Tools

04m 8s

Using the Magic Wand Tool

04m 13s

Making Quick Selections

04m 25s

Using the Selection Brush

02m 17s

Working with the Type Tools

03m 19s


03m 13s

Using the Cookie Cutter

02m 42s

Straighten an Image

02m 49s

Red Eye Removal

01m 40s

Spot Healing

03m 59s

Clone Stamp

03m 53s

Using The Eraser

01m 25s


04m 28s

Color Replacement

02m 29s

Using the Smart Brush

05m 42s

Using the Detail Smart Brush

01m 49s

Filling with the Paint Bucket

03m 16s

Creating Gradients

07m 51s

Shape Tools

02m 17s

Blur, Sharpen, and Smudge

02m 3s

Dodge, Burn, and Sponge

02m 55s

Chapter: Enhancements

Adjust Smart Fix

02m 56s


02m 42s


01m 50s


04m 24s

Removing a Colour Cast

02m 32s


03m 45s

Remove Colour

01m 23s

Replace Colour

04m 47s


02m 31s

Adjusting Skin Tone

02m 42s

Colour Variations

02m 55s

Convert To Black and White

02m 15s

Unsharp Mask

03m 49s

Adjust Sharpness

03m 24s

Chapter: Working With Raw Images

Camera Raw Interface

05m 53s

Using Camera Raw Tools

04m 40s

Using the Basic Panel

06m 19s

Using the Detail Panel

03m 26s

Saving Images

02m 7s

Chapter: Working With Text

Adding Text to Your Photo and Editing Text

04m 9s

Creative Text

02m 33s

Chapter: Special Effects

Using Filters

02m 27s

Using Layer Styles

01m 58s

Applying Photo Effects

01m 8s

Photomerge Panorama

03m 49s

Chapter: Photo Projects & Sharing

Making a Photo Book

05m 24s

Making a Photo Calendar

00m 59s

Creating Greeting Cards

01m 33s

Creating Photo Prints

03m 3s

Chapter: Backing Up

Burn Data CD/DVD

01m 39s

Copy/Move To Removable Disk

02m 13s

Backup Catalog to CD, DVD or Hard Drive

03m 12s

Restore Catalog from CD, DVD or Hard Drive

02m 17s

Chapter: Conclusion

About the Author

02m 51s