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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction

1.01 Introduction To Premiere Pro CC 2014

01m 43s

1.02 About Andy

03m 0s

1.03 Top Ten From Andy

04m 15s

1.04 How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. Getting Started

2.01 Getting Started With Premiere Pro

00m 55s

2.02 A Tour Of The Interface

05m 33s

2.03 The Premiere Pro Workflow

05m 6s

2.04 Choosing The Right Workspace

02m 16s

2.05 Adding Custom Workspaces

03m 30s

2.06 Quick Tip - Importing Project Workspaces

01m 7s

2.07 Working Through Preferences

07m 14s

2.08 Getting Started With Shortcuts

04m 34s

2.09 Quick Tip - Customizing Monitor Buttons

01m 18s

2.10 Quick Tip - Basic Editing Shortcuts

01m 7s

Chapter: 03. Working With Projects

3.01 Introduction to Projects

00m 35s

3.02 Setting Up A Project

03m 48s

3.03 Opening Saving And Closing Projects

03m 17s

3.04 Dealing With Missing Files

03m 25s

3.05 Creating A Project Workspace

01m 9s

3.06 Quick Tip - Maximizing Project Panels

01m 3s

Chapter: 04. Importing Media

4.01 Introduction To Media

00m 47s

4.02 Importing Options

04m 50s

4.03 Working In The Media Browser

05m 30s

4.04 Importing Using Capture

07m 30s

4.05 Working With Multi-Layered Photoshop Files

02m 11s

4.06 Using The Import Command

01m 25s

4.07 Importing From Premiere Pro Projects

02m 16s

4.08 Generating Media

01m 40s

4.09 Dynamic Media Links

01m 28s

4.10 Quick Tip - Using A DTE Device

01m 1s

4.11 Quick Tip - Revealing Clips

01m 8s

Chapter: 05. Organizing Clips

5.01 Introduction To Clip Organization

00m 38s

5.02 Organization And Direction

05m 26s

5.03 Working In The Projects Panel

06m 16s

5.04 Managing Clips

05m 33s

5.05 Searching For Clips

03m 42s

5.06 Using Bins For Organization

03m 7s

5.07 Working With Bin Preferences

02m 32s

5.08 Loading The Working Files

02m 29s

5.09 Creating A Search Bin

02m 17s

5.10 Using Find All In A Sequence

01m 15s

Chapter: 06. Additional Organizational Tips

6.01 Introduction To Organizational Tips

00m 40s

6.02 Working In Icon View

05m 13s

6.03 Clips And Subclips

03m 50s

6.04 Working In The Source Monitor

03m 35s

6.05 Working Through Metadata

02m 15s

6.06 Using The Project Panel As A Storyboard

03m 45s

Chapter: 07. The Premiere Pro Timeline

7.01 Introduction To The Timeline

00m 47s

7.02 Understanding Sequences

03m 52s

7.03 The Timeline Panel

07m 24s

7.04 Adding And Deleting Tracks

02m 25s

7.05 Changing The Timecode Display

02m 31s

7.06 Syncing Audio And Tracks

02m 57s

7.07 Creating Sequences

07m 11s

Chapter: 08. An Introduction To Editing

8.01 Introduction To Editing

00m 41s

8.02 Working With Multiple Sequences

02m 30s

8.03 Overwrite Versus Insert Edits

05m 23s

8.04 Using Track Targeting

03m 52s

8.05 Performing Three And Four Point Edits

04m 30s

8.06 Adding Clips To The Energy Spot

03m 5s

8.07 Working With Markers

04m 48s

Chapter: 09. Additional Editing Pointers

9.01 Introduction To Editing Pointers

00m 33s

9.02 Clip Selection Techniques

06m 4s

9.03 Groups And Ungrouping Clips

03m 17s

9.04 Clip Snapping Options

04m 15s

9.05 Dragging Clips To The Timeline

02m 26s

9.06 Precision Clip Movements

03m 25s

9.07 Performing Lift And Extract Edits

04m 4s

9.08 Working With Gaps

04m 20s

9.09 Clip Replacements

03m 37s

9.10 Splitting Clips

03m 40s

9.11 Linking And Unlinking Clips

02m 43s

9.12 Quick Tip - Selecting Clips Within A Group

00m 48s

9.13 Visualizing In And Out Points

01m 28s

Chapter: 10. Trimming Clips

10.01 Introduction To Trimming Clips

00m 39s

10.02 Performing Regular Trims

06m 2s

10.03 Ripple And Rolling Trims

03m 45s

10.04 Slip And Slide Trims

02m 19s

10.05 Planning The Energy Spot

04m 17s

10.06 Organizing The Energy Spot Timeline

05m 34s

10.07 Adjusting Clip Trimmings

07m 6s

10.08 The Trim Monitor

04m 20s

10.09 Using Render And Replace

01m 35s

Chapter: 11. Working With Fixed Effects And Key Frames

11.01 Introduction To Fixed Effects And Key Frames

00m 39s

11.02 Working With Fixed Effects

07m 40s

11.03 The Power Of Key Frames

05m 16s

11.04 Adding Key Frames Manually

02m 10s

11.05 Adding Key Frames On The Timeline

03m 42s

11.06 Performing A Time Re-Mapping

04m 25s

11.07 Working On The Energy Spot

03m 44s

Chapter: 12. Utilizing Effects

12.01 Introduction To Effects

00m 35s

12.02 Premiere Pro Effects

05m 9s

12.03 Adding And Removing Effects

03m 55s

12.04 Controlling Effects With Key Frames

05m 38s

12.05 Adding Effects To Multiple Clips

04m 45s

12.06 Organizing With Effects Bins And Presets

04m 12s

12.07 The Energy Project

04m 48s

12.08 Quick Tip - Track Targeting

01m 50s

12.09 Working With Adjustment Layers

03m 50s

Chapter: 13. Working With Transitions

13.01 Introduction To Transitions

01m 3s

13.02 Premiere Pro Transitions

03m 53s

13.03 Adding Transitions To Clips

05m 57s

13.04 Customizing Transitions

04m 58s

13.05 Creating A Manual Transition

03m 6s

13.06 Quick Tip - Working With Default Transitions

01m 51s

13.07 Quick Tip - Trims And Transitions

01m 0s

13.08 The Energy Spot

02m 58s

Chapter: 14. Premiere Pro Title Effects

14.01 Introduction To Title Effects

00m 39s

14.02 Titles 101

02m 32s

14.03 Using The Titler

07m 5s

14.04 Working With Styles

06m 6s

14.05 Using Title Properties

06m 0s

14.06 Saving Customized Styles

02m 38s

14.07 Working With Templates

06m 10s

14.08 Using Align, Center, And Distribute

03m 39s

14.09 Using The Title Pen Tools

07m 45s

14.10 Generating Rolling Credits

05m 12s

14.11 The Energy Spot - Adding The Counter

04m 46s

14.12 The Energy Spot - Adding Text

10m 38s

Chapter: 15. Premiere Pro And The Audio Connection

15.01 Introduction To The Audio Connection

00m 34s

15.02 Adjusting Audio Volume

05m 51s

15.03 Controlling Volume Through Keyframes

07m 43s

15.04 Controlling Volume Through Transitions

04m 56s

15.05 Adjusting Audio Gain

06m 57s

The Energy Spot - Adding The Clock Audio

04m 44s

15.07 The Energy Spot - Adding Sound Effects

09m 46s

15.08 The Energy Spot - Adding A Musical Score

05m 52s

Chapter: 16. Working With Mattes And Multi-Cam

16.01 Introduction To Mattes And Multi-Cam

00m 42s

16.02 Green Screen Techniques

04m 45s

16.03 Creating A Green Screen In Premiere Pro

06m 4s

16.04 Working With Garbage Mattes

02m 58s

16.05 Using A White Screen

03m 40s

16.06 Performing A Multi-Cam Shot

08m 23s

Chapter: 17. Getting Ready For Primetime

17.01 Introduction To Primetime

00m 48s

17.02 Saving A Still

02m 52s

17.03 Exporting The Production

08m 18s

17.04 Saving An Export Preset

02m 39s

17.05 Using The Premiere Pro Encoder

03m 32s

17.06 Working With The Project Manager

02m 51s

17.07 Final Thoughts

01m 33s