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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Will Learn

03m 50s

Whats New In Windows 7

00m 48s

Chapter: Upgrading to Windows 7

Is My Computer Ready

06m 18s

Using the Easy Transfer Wizard in XP

04m 48s

Installing Windows 7 Over XP Part 1

04m 25s

Installing Windows 7 Over XP Part 2

02m 28s

Upgrading Vista to Windows 7 Part 1

03m 12s

Upgrading Vista to Windows 7 Part 2

01m 54s

Chapter: The Windows 7 Taskbar and User Interface


05m 40s

Start Menu

02m 50s

Notification Area

04m 0s


05m 1s


02m 24s

Working With Windows

01m 34s

Using Aero

03m 17s

Chapter: Windows Explorer

Navigating Folders

02m 36s

Creating Folders

00m 59s

Changing Views

06m 7s

Opening Files

02m 32s

Creating Files

02m 16s

Selecting Files, Deleting Files, and Using the Recycle Bin

03m 0s

Moving and Copying Files

03m 54s

Adding Shortcuts

02m 44s


02m 10s

0Using Libraries

02m 15s

Chapter: Using Media

Windows Media Player Part 1

04m 22s

Windows Media Player Part 2

10m 11s

Windows Media Center Part 1

01m 14s

Windows Media Center Part 2

10m 29s

Copying Pictures From Your Camera

02m 22s

Browsing Photos With Windows Explorer

05m 36s

Chapter: Built-in Applications


13m 20s


05m 17s


03m 59s

Sticky Note

01m 9s


04m 31s

Chapter: System Settings


02m 5s

Uninstalling Programs

01m 56s

Accessibility Options

05m 20s

Startup Programs

02m 53s

Logging On Automatically

01m 36s


04m 6s

Chapter: Networking

Connecting to a Wired Network

01m 26s

Connecting to a Wireless Network

03m 22s

Sharing Files With HomeGroups

02m 55s

Chapter: Security

Windows Update

08m 37s

Windows Defender

08m 29s

Managing Users

08m 10s

Family Safety

09m 21s

Sharing Folders on a Computer

04m 49s

Encrypting Files Part 1

06m 13s

Encrypting Files Part 2

05m 38s

Encrypting Files Part 3

02m 47s

Encrypting Files Part 4

01m 12s

Encrypting Files Part 5

01m 3s

Encrypting Files Part 6

01m 17s

Chapter: Printing


04m 29s

Sharing and Network Printers

03m 0s

Chapter: Backing Up and Restoring Your Important Files

Scheduling Backups

04m 5s

Restoring Files Part 1

06m 36s

Restoring Files Part 2

01m 52s

Burning CDs and DVDs

02m 16s

Online Backups

01m 50s

Chapter: Browsing the Web

What's New in Internet Explorer 8

04m 19s


03m 18s

Using Favorites

03m 57s

Using the History

02m 20s

Using RSS

02m 49s

Using InPrivate Browsing and Filtering

03m 51s

Managing Add-ons

03m 47s

Internet Explorer Tips and Tricks

05m 27s

Chapter: Troubleshooting

Low Disk Space

07m 13s

Fixing a Computer That Won't Start

07m 16s

Recovering From Malware

13m 1s

Troubleshooting Performance Problems

08m 56s

Task Manager

06m 22s

Hardware That Doesn't Work

02m 48s

Recording Problems

02m 30s

Other Troubleshooting Tools Part 1

02m 54s

Other Troubleshooting Tools Part 2

04m 32s

Chapter: Systems Administration

Configuring a New Hard Disk

01m 40s

Customizing the Appearance of Windows

05m 22s

Configuring Your Mouse

03m 47s

Power Settings

07m 17s

Setting Time, Date, and Time Zone

01m 41s

Configuring the Language

02m 57s

Customizing the Explorer Interface

07m 57s

Customizing the User Interface

07m 21s

Enabling and Using Remote Desktop

05m 5s

Chapter: Summary

About the Author

00m 43s


00m 19s