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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Mastering iOS Development - Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

09m 14s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. iCloud - Local File System

Working With Directories

05m 43s

File Management

05m 47s

Reading And Writing Files

04m 27s


04m 30s

Chapter: 03. iCloud - Using iCloud Services

Introduction To iCloud

03m 2s

iCloud Files - UIDocument

05m 0s

Setting Up For iCloud

03m 55s

Working With iCloud Files

05m 53s

Update, Delete, Or Rename iCloud Files

02m 58s

Multiple File Documents

05m 18s

iCloud Key Store

03m 15s

Chapter: 04. iCloud - CloudKit

Introduction To CloudKit

04m 9s

CloudKit Dashboard

05m 13s

Creating And Querying CloudKit Records

08m 42s

Chapter: 05. In-App Purchasing - Making AppleStore Purchases

Using SK Store Product View Controller

02m 38s

Chapter: 06. In-App Purchasing - Adding Purchasing To Your App

In-App Purchasing Options

03m 49s

Setting Up The App With Apple

03m 47s

Using The Sandbox For Testing

02m 37s

Creating Purchase Items

03m 48s

Making The Purchase

05m 34s

Subscription Purchases

07m 19s

Hosted Content

05m 43s


04m 2s

Verifying App Receipt - Part 1

03m 54s

Verifying App Receipt - Part 2

08m 34s

Receipt Validation With The Server

05m 12s

Chapter: 07. In-App Purchasing - iAds

Implementing iAds

04m 17s

Chapter: 08. Location Services - Exploring Your Options

Options For Mapping Locations

02m 18s


06m 13s

Chapter: 09. Location Services - Using MKMapItem

Displaying A Map

03m 29s

Getting Directions

03m 28s

Chapter: 10. Location Services - Calculation Locations

Getting The Current Location

09m 50s

Calculating Distance

04m 31s

Chapter: 11. Location Services - Using MapKit

Setup And MKMapView UI

03m 14s

Setting The Region And Map Type

04m 23s

Displaying The Current Location

04m 45s

Map Annotations

04m 49s

Chapter: 12. Location Services - EventKit - Location Based Reminders

Creating Reminders

04m 8s

Location Based Reminders

03m 33s

Chapter: 13. Media Library - Media Options

Options For Media

02m 14s

Chapter: 14. Media Library - Image Gallery

UI Image Picker Controller

03m 54s

In-App Gallery

05m 7s

Chapter: 15. Media Library - Camera

Taking A Picture

03m 51s

In-App Camera

05m 4s

Sharing The Photo

04m 41s

Chapter: 16. Media Library - PhotoKit

PhotoKit Gallery

06m 32s

PhotoKit Effects

08m 5s

Chapter: 17. Media Library - Audio

Recording Audio

04m 21s

Playing An Audio File

05m 41s

Chapter: 18. Media Library - Video

Recording A Video

04m 53s

Playing A Video File

04m 13s

Chapter: 19. Media Library - Accessing Files

Accessing The Media Library

06m 33s

Chapter: 20. Motion Framework - Introduction

The Core Motion Framework

03m 39s

Accessing Motion Data

04m 21s

Chapter: 21. Motion Framework - Gyroscope

Using The Gyroscope

02m 42s

Chapter: 22. Motion Framework - Accelerometer

Using The Accelerometer

04m 1s

Chapter: 23. Motion Framework - Location and Direction


02m 53s

Motion Activity

05m 12s

Using The Compass

03m 17s

Current Location

03m 59s


04m 29s

Displaying The Current Location

05m 6s

Chapter: 24. Social API - What Your Options Are

Options For Social Integration

02m 42s

Chapter: 25. Social API - Using The UIActivityViewController

Posting To Twitter Or Facebook

04m 17s

Chapter: 26. Social API - Using The SLComposeViewController

Posting To Twitter

03m 25s

Posting To Facebook

03m 36s

Chapter: 27. Social API - Using The SLRequest API

Account Access

03m 27s

Posting To Twitter

03m 22s

Reading The Twitter Timeline

02m 59s

Posting To Facebook

04m 17s

Chapter: 28. Social API - Facebook SDK

Setting Up And Logging In

04m 0s

Using The Facebook Session

04m 23s

Posting To The Wall

04m 2s

Getting The User Profile

02m 43s

Retrieving Friends

04m 31s

Using The Location Of The User

06m 5s

Chapter: 29. Mastering iOS Development - Conclusion

Resources And About The Author

02m 11s