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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction To Object-Oriented Javascript

Introduction And About The Author

00m 55s

Understanding Object-Oriented Programming

03m 53s

Object-Oriented Programming In Javascript

02m 8s

Using Javascript

04m 26s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. Objects In Javascript

Objects As Containers

05m 12s

Almost Everything Is An Object

04m 6s

Functions Are Objects

01m 49s

Function Properties Of Objects

04m 47s

Chapter: 03. Keyword - This

Normal Method Invocation

03m 37s

Inner Functions

02m 5s

This And That

05m 22s


03m 46s

Call And Apply

09m 16s


03m 35s

Chapter: 04. Scope In Javascript

Function Scope

08m 33s


04m 20s

Immediately-Invoked Function Expressions - IIFES

06m 56s

Chapter: 05. Classically Object-Oriented Javascript

Constructor Functions And The Operator

04m 5s

Object Prototypes

05m 36s

The Prototype Chain

05m 22s

Data Hiding

03m 48s

Helper Functions To Facilitate OOP

03m 47s

Syntactic Sugar In Harmony - ES6

02m 56s

Chapter: 06. Alternatives To Classical OOP In Javascript

Duck Typing

05m 58s

Behavior Injection

04m 35s

Chapter: 07. Recap

Understanding The Need For OOP

01m 42s

Paradigm Flexibility In Javascript

04m 4s