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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Getting Started

Introduction To Google Apps For Business

01m 55s

About Andy

03m 0s

How To Use This Course

05m 20s

What Are Google Apps?

02m 34s

Ten Reasons You Should Be Using Google Apps

06m 17s

Chapter: 02. Setting Up Shop

Introduction to Setting Up Shop

00m 52s

Setting Up The Account

04m 54s

Verifying The Domain

03m 33s

Adding Users

01m 50s

Controlling Google App Services

03m 45s

Setting Up Users

04m 11s

Chapter: 03. Configuring The Gmail Account

Introduction To Configuring A Gmail Account

00m 31s

Setting Up A Standard Gmail Account

04m 23s

Modifying The Gmail Address

03m 20s

Configuring The Account

03m 10s

Chapter: 04. Controlling Your Gmail Inbox

Introduction To Controlling Your Gmail Inbox

00m 38s

Creating And Formatting A Gmail

08m 33s

Working With Gmail Conversations

02m 14s

Adding Attachments

02m 59s

Organizing With Stars And Labels

04m 52s

Performing Searches In Gmail

04m 59s

Working With Filters And Rules

02m 24s

Chapter: 05. Additional Gmail Features

Introduction To Additional Gmail Features

00m 54s

Working With Chat And Making A Phone Call

04m 23s

Adding Video To A Chat

03m 16s

What Is A People Widget?

02m 11s

Adjusting The Gmail Theme

03m 27s

Creating A Signature

01m 44s

Announcing That You Are Out Of The Office

02m 35s

Setting Up POP And IMAP

02m 31s

Working In The Experimental Lab

03m 55s

Gmail Wrap Up

02m 57s

Chapter: 06. Working With Contacts And Tasks

Introduction To Working With Contacts And Tasks

00m 34s

A Walkthrough Of Contacts

03m 35s

Adding And Removing Contacts

04m 5s

Controlling Contacts With Groups

03m 18s

Controlling Access To Your Contacts

01m 39s

Understanding Tasks

03m 11s

Working With Tasks

05m 47s

Chapter: 07. The Google Calendar

Introduction To The Google Calendar

00m 37s

Working With Google Calendar

04m 24s

Creating Calendar Events

08m 50s

Creating Additional Calendars

04m 53s

Adding Events Through Gmail

02m 32s

Sharing Calendars

04m 37s

Working In Calendar Lab

02m 54s

Chapter: 08. Using Google Drive

Introduction To Using Google Drive

00m 56s

Installing Google Drive

04m 12s

The Google Drive Interface

03m 25s

Adding And Sharing Folders In Google Drive

08m 32s

Adding Files To Google Drive Folders

04m 50s

Converting Documents For Google Apps

04m 29s

Additional Google Drive Settings

03m 41s

Sending Email Attachments With Google Drive

02m 18s

Working With Collaborators

02m 28s

Searching In Google Drive

01m 54s

Chapter: 09. Working With Google Documents

Introduction To Working With Google Documents

00m 42s

Creating Documents

04m 31s

Working With Templates

04m 58s

Downloading Google Docs

03m 27s

Setting Page Options

04m 56s

Adding Images And Shapes

05m 1s

Google Documents Formatting Options

06m 10s

Working In Revision History

02m 2s

Working Off Line

01m 45s

Revising Documents Using Chat

01m 47s

Chapter: 10. Working In Google Presentation

Introduction To Working In Google Presentation

00m 32s

Creating A Google Presentation

07m 41s

Working With Templates

03m 30s

Presentation Download Options

01m 48s

Importing Slides From Existing Presentations

03m 18s

Formatting Options

06m 9s

Additional Formatting Options And Links

04m 9s

Adding Images And Master Items

03m 16s

Doing The Presentation

03m 53s

Chapter: 11. Working With Google Spreadsheets

Introduction To Working With Google Spreadsheets

00m 37s

Building A Google Spreadsheet And Templates

06m 28s

Formatting Tips

03m 59s

Working With Functions

04m 27s

Adding Charts

04m 49s

Working With Sharing And Comments

02m 33s

Chapter: 12. Using Google Forms

Introduction To Using Google Forms

00m 44s

Creating A Form

07m 37s

Additional Formatting Options

05m 22s

Exporting And Sending A Google Form

02m 10s

Responding To A Form Email Request

02m 41s

Pre-Filling Out A Google Form

01m 30s

Working With Notifications And Rules

01m 41s

Chapter: 13. Working With Google Groups

Introduction To Working With Google Groups

01m 0s

Creating A Group

05m 43s

Additional Setup Options

03m 19s

Working With Permissions

04m 53s

Working In The Group

02m 24s

A Peek At Google Sites

04m 39s

Chapter: 14. Google Admin Options

Introduction To Google Admin Options

00m 29s

Adjusting Gmail Options

07m 29s

Working With Calendar Options

03m 42s

User Passwords And Security

02m 44s

Adjusting The Company Profile

02m 19s

Generating Reports

01m 55s

Final Thoughts

01m 31s