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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction

Introduction To The Course

01m 55s

About The Author

01m 48s

Chapter: 02. Designing And Implementing A Server Deployment Infrastructure

Overview Of Windows Deployment Services

06m 4s

Installing Windows Deployment Services

02m 52s

Configuring Windows Deployment Services

10m 4s

Configuring Windows Deployment Services For Multicast Deployment

02m 25s

Deploying Multi-Site And Replica WDS Servers

02m 41s

Best Practices For Designing Server Images

05m 16s

Using Windows Assessment And Deployment Kit To Customize And Create Server Images

09m 24s

Server Deployment Using System Center Configuration Manager

04m 31s

Plan For Deploying To Microsoft Azure

05m 40s

Deploying To Public And Private Cloud Using App Controller

04m 22s

Deploying To Public And Private Cloud Using PowerShell

06m 44s

Chapter: 03. Performing Server Upgrade And Migrations

Considerations Of Upgrade And Migration Processes

08m 14s

Using Microsoft Assessment And Planning Toolkit To Aid Discovery And Planning

08m 48s

Planning For A Server Upgrade And Migration

05m 37s

Virtualization Planning

08m 33s

Migrate Windows Server Roles Between Servers

03m 3s

Migrate Cluster Resources

02m 47s

Chapter: 04. Deploying Virtual Machines Using SCVMM

Overview Of VM Templates

05m 6s

Creating SCVMM Profiles

07m 43s

Creating VM Templates In SCVMM

04m 53s

Manage SCVMM Libraries

05m 52s

Creating And Using Equivalencies In SCVMM Libraries

04m 23s

Deploying VMs Using SCVMM Templates

06m 29s

Designing And Implementing Logical Networks And VM Networks In SCVMM

09m 16s

Designing And Implementing Port Profiles And Logical Switches In SCVMM

09m 14s

Chapter: 05. Deploying Storage And File Services

Storage And File Services Review

07m 49s

Storage Spaces Overview

06m 3s

Implementing And Using Storage Spaces

11m 19s

Implementing Data Deduplication

07m 53s

Installing And Configuring The iSCSI Target

05m 51s

Configuring iSCSI Initiator

02m 33s

Using Virtual Fibre Channel With Hyper-V

04m 17s

Using Multipath I/O

03m 2s

Installing And Configuring NFS

05m 3s

Chapter: 06. Using Advanced File Services

DFS Overview

05m 1s

Installing And Configuring DFS Namespaces - DFS-N

09m 46s

Configuring DFS Replication - DFS-R

11m 24s

Best Practices For DFS-R And Troubleshooting

06m 46s

BranchCache Overview

05m 24s

Installing BranchCache

10m 49s

Troubleshooting BranchCache

04m 37s

Overview Of File Classification

08m 48s

Configuring Dynamic Access Control

11m 0s

Chapter: 07. Implementing Virtual Private Network

Types Of Remote Access And Why It Is Important

07m 6s

Types Of Virtual Private Network Technology

04m 39s

Installation Routing And Remote Access Service

04m 11s

Certificate Requirements And Deployment

01m 49s

Creating A VPN

10m 28s

Using The Connection Manager Administration Kit

05m 34s

Chapter: 08. Deploying DirectAccess

Overview Of DirectAccess Technology And Benefits Over Traditional VPN

07m 9s

Installing DirectAccess

01m 49s

Configuration Of DirectAccess Service And Enabling DirectAccess For Clients

10m 11s

Supporting IPv4 With DirectAccess And Changes From 2008 R2 Implementations

02m 53s

Migration From Forefront User Access Gateway

03m 6s

Chapter: 09. Deploying Network Protection Solutions

Understanding Network Access Protection And Key Network Security Considerations

04m 36s

Configuring Windows Firewall

05m 49s

Installing Network Policy Server

01m 42s

Configuring RADIUS

03m 26s

Creating Network Policy Server Policies

03m 46s

Types Of Network Access Protection Enforcement

05m 18s

Implementing Network Access Protection

07m 27s

Utilizing A Perimeter Network And Best Practices For Server Placement

03m 51s

Configuring Web Application Proxy For HA

02m 36s

Chapter: 10. Deploying Domain Name Services

Review Of DNS

07m 5s

Implementing Types Of DNS Zones

06m 36s

Using IPv6 With DNS

01m 22s

Implementing DNS delegation

02m 39s

Implementing Secure DNS

08m 15s

Chapter: 11. Deploying Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Review Of DHCP

12m 55s

Implementing DHCP For IPv6

04m 40s

Enabling DHCP High Availability

04m 37s

Configuring DHCP Filtering

03m 17s

DHCP Database Maintenance Operations

02m 36s

Chapter: 12. Implementing IP Address Management

Introduction To IPAM

03m 27s

Installing And Deploying IPAM And Choosing The Right Database

08m 11s

Managing IP Blocks And Ranges

05m 8s

Monitoring IP Configuration Using IPAM

06m 43s

Configuring Role Based Access Control With IPAM

03m 59s

Integrate IPAM With SCVMM

02m 28s

Chapter: 13. Managing Domain And Forest infrastructure

Review Of Types Of Active Directory Trusts

05m 53s

Using Domain And Forest Functional Levels

04m 54s

Implementing A Forest Trust

05m 58s

Domain And Forest Upgrade Procedures

05m 27s

Restructing Domains Using ADMT

04m 19s

Configure Advanced Password Policies

03m 54s

Chapter: 14. Implementing Active Directory Sites And DC Placement

Review Of Active Directory Sites

07m 17s

Deploying Active Directory Sites And Subnets

04m 3s

Deploying Active Directory Site Links

05m 25s

Optimizing And Tracing Active Directory Replication Traffic

08m 19s

Review Of Types Of DC And GC

12m 18s

Best Practices For GC And RODC Usage

01m 59s

Deploying Virtualized DCs Using Cloning

04m 37s

Considerations And Best Practices For Branch Office Locations

02m 34s

Chapter: 15. Implementing Active Directory Delegation

Review Of Active Directory Security And Quotas

05m 49s

Designing An Organization Unit Architecture

05m 38s

Delegating Active Directory Access And Tasks

02m 40s

Configuring Kerberos Constrained Delegation

03m 48s

Using Active Directory Tools On Client Computers

01m 57s

Chapter: 16. Implementing Group Policy

Group Policy Review

10m 41s

Using Advanced Group Policy Inheritance Features

03m 7s

Using Group Policy WMI Filters

01m 37s

Implementing Group Policy Preferences And Item-Level Targeting

04m 36s

Configuring Group Policy Slow Link Processing Options

03m 21s

Using Advanced Group Policy Management - AGPM

04m 25s

Chapter: 17. Azure Active Directory

Overview Of Azure Active Directory

06m 4s

Connecting Azure Active Directory To On-Premises Active Directory With DirSync

06m 46s

Considerations For Running Domain Controller In Azure IaaS

03m 37s

Chapter: 18. Closing Thoughts


01m 13s