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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

01m 58s

About The Author

00m 55s

Installation And Setup

05m 11s

SQL Database And File System Tour

02m 5s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Projects

Creating A Project

04m 17s

Opening An Existing Project

04m 32s

Archiving Projects

01m 30s

Project Templates

05m 20s

Chapter: Single Line Diagrams

Creating A New Schematic

02m 21s

Adding Single Line Diagram Symbols

06m 3s

Setting Locations

02m 15s

Managing Locations

04m 15s

Connecting Symbols With Cables

03m 4s

Replacing Title Block

01m 9s

Chapter: Detailed Cables

Defining Detailed Cabling

04m 58s

Creating Terminals And Connecting Cable Conductors To Pins

05m 17s

Creating Cable Database References

05m 31s

Chapter: Manufacturer Parts Manager

Adding Manufacturer Parts To Symbols - Part 1

05m 57s

Adding Manufacturer Parts To Symbols - Part 2

01m 31s

Adding Manufacturer Parts To Symbols - Part 3

02m 12s

Connecting Parts To Cables Via Terminals - Part 1

04m 9s

Connecting Parts To Cables Via Terminals - Part 2

02m 5s

Creating New Manufacturing Items

06m 1s

Chapter: Multi-Wire Schematics

Drawing Wires

06m 34s

Inserting Symbols

05m 23s

Referencing Single Line Diagram Symbols

05m 10s

Black Box Symbols

04m 25s

Terminal Blocks

03m 43s

Chapter: References

Cross-Referencing Symbols

03m 22s

Multi-Page Wire References

02m 59s

Adding Symbols From Components Browser

02m 30s

Location Boxes

02m 54s

Function Boxes

02m 28s

Chapter: Symbol Libraries And Macros

Editing An Existing Symbol

07m 23s

Creating New Symbols - Part 1

03m 21s

Creating New Symbols - Part 2

02m 22s

Paste Special

01m 41s

Macros For Design Re-Use

04m 14s

Chapter: PLCs And Cabinet Layout

Inserting PLCs

06m 10s

Importing I/O From Other PLC Programming Software

02m 34s

Creating PLC Drawings

02m 9s

Using PLC Macro Symbols

01m 27s

2D Cabinet Layout

04m 20s

Chapter: Reports

Net Lists And Wire Lists - Part 1

02m 18s

Net Lists And Wire Lists - Part 2

01m 19s

Bill Of Materials

03m 10s

Terminal Strip Drawing - Part 1

01m 45s

Terminal Strip Drawing - Part 2

02m 23s

Basic Report Customization

04m 11s

Chapter: Conclusion


01m 33s