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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Should Expect From This Course

00m 47s

About The Author

00m 51s

MS Access Database

01m 51s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Started

Getting Access To DriveWorksXpress

01m 22s

Design Tables Versus DriveWorksXpress

05m 28s

Chapter: Model Setup

Naming Dimensions And Features

03m 27s

Smart Modelling

03m 42s

Custom Properties

01m 57s


03m 54s


03m 13s

Advanced Setup

04m 15s

Chapter: Creating A Database

Creating A Database

02m 4s

Chapter: Capture Process

Pre-Capture Process

04m 42s

Capture Models

01m 34s

Capture Dimensions

02m 50s

Capture Features

00m 52s

Custom Properties

01m 4s


00m 39s


00m 42s

Chapter: Forms

Text Box

02m 29s

Numeric Text Box

01m 16s

Drop Down

01m 46s

Spin Button

01m 37s

Check Box

00m 43s


01m 52s

Chapter: Rules

What Is A Rule

01m 39s

File Names

03m 7s


02m 22s


02m 50s

If Statements

01m 57s

Nested If Or

02m 28s

Nested If And

03m 38s


02m 25s


01m 39s

Math Functions

01m 3s

Text Functions

01m 9s

Date And Time

01m 26s

Suppress Feature

02m 41s

Chapter: Running And Checking Models

Running Your Model

05m 49s

Changing Rules

05m 44s

Change Formulas In SolidWorks To DriveWorksXpress

09m 16s

Chapter: Assemblies

Capturing And Working With Assemblies

08m 59s

Multibody Parts

10m 12s

Chapter: Wrapping Up


02m 31s