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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction


03m 18s

About The Certification

03m 6s

What Will Be Covered

02m 12s


03m 19s

Chapter: 02. Getting Started

Getting RedHat

04m 41s

About Centos

03m 47s

System Requirements

02m 51s

Graphical Install Of RHEL

04m 55s

Finishing Installation

02m 47s

Text Install Of RHEL

05m 3s

Chapter: 03. Getting Started And Fundamentals

Logging In And Starting A Terminal

05m 23s

Basic Shell Commands

05m 50s

User And Group Files

07m 39s

Creating Users

04m 31s

Modifying Users

03m 34s

Deleting Users

02m 26s

Password Policy

05m 7s

Changing Passwords

02m 21s

Creating Groups

02m 51s

Group Membership

02m 28s

Switching Users

03m 57s

Using Sudo

05m 29s

Getting Help

04m 8s

Chapter: 04. Getting Familiar With The Shell


02m 57s


04m 0s


03m 18s

Regular Expressions

04m 11s

Using The Stream Editor - SED

03m 51s

Using Grep

04m 50s

File Management

06m 32s


03m 42s


05m 5s

Using Links

04m 32s

Archiving And Compressing

04m 37s

Other Utilities - Cut, Sort And Uniq

03m 2s

Shell History

04m 38s

Shell Tricks

05m 16s

Locating Files

05m 3s

Extending Ext4 Partitions

04m 2s

Chapter: 05. System Management

Booting And Rebooting

04m 41s

Runlevels And Their Uses

03m 33s

Booting Into Different Runlevels

02m 46s

Single User Mode

04m 28s

Log Files

05m 44s


04m 25s

Process Management

07m 52s

Network Services

04m 58s

Network Service Management

05m 19s

Network Service Management With Systemd

03m 19s

Network Service Management With Systemctl

03m 44s

Package Management

05m 34s

Deleting And Listing Packages

05m 10s

Package Details - Location And RPM

04m 9s

Chapter: 06. Storage Management


05m 15s

File Systems

03m 34s

Volume Management - Physical

03m 57s

Volume Management - Logical

02m 38s

Mounting Remote Volumes

03m 14s

Extending Logical Volumes

02m 22s

Using LUKS For Encryption

05m 49s

Using Setgid

04m 44s

Access Control Lists

03m 52s

Permissions Problems

03m 39s

Adding Partitions And Volumes

03m 1s

Using Swap Space

03m 49s

Booting A Disk Using UUID

04m 34s

Chapter: 07. Server Management

Configuring Networking

04m 4s

Configuring DNS Resolution

03m 54s

Using Time Services

03m 42s

Using Cron To Setup Jobs

05m 23s

Installing HTTP

03m 18s

Installing FTP

03m 47s

Configuring Services

04m 40s

Setting Services To Run At Startup

04m 10s

Using LDAP Server For User Management

04m 1s

Updating Packages

03m 34s

RedHat Repositories

03m 59s

Using Kickstart To Deploy Systems

03m 38s

Manage And Update Kernel

04m 39s

Manage The Boot Loader

06m 51s

Manage The Boot Loader With Grub2

03m 55s

Connecting To Remote Systems Using SSH

04m 22s

Using Keys For Logging Into Systems Over SSH

03m 48s

Kernel Configuration Using Sysctl

03m 9s

Chapter: 08. Virtual Machines

Preparing For Using Virtual Machines

03m 1s

Installing RHEL As A Virtual Guest

02m 15s

Launch Virtual Machines At Boot

02m 19s

Connecting To A Virtual Machine Console

02m 16s

Chapter: 09. Security


02m 54s

Creating Rules Using IPtables

04m 11s

Using System-Config-Firewall

03m 20s


01m 34s

Configuring SELinux Mode - Permissive Versus Enforcing

02m 41s

File Contexts

03m 13s

Process Contexts

03m 25s

Restoring Default Contexts

01m 55s

SELinux Policy Violations

04m 1s

Using Boolean For SELinux Settings

03m 30s

Using Firewall

02m 23s

Chapter: 10. Wrapping Up


04m 27s

Next Steps

02m 34s