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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Autodesk Inventor 2015

Introduction To Autodesk Inventor 2015

01m 5s

About The Author

01m 0s

Getting Started

07m 31s

Feature Based Modelling

07m 59s

Parametric Features

04m 33s

Parametric Features

03m 52s

Assembly Management

05m 2s

Model Documentation

03m 21s

User Interface

08m 36s

Model Manipulation

06m 44s

Inventor Project Files

03m 16s

Mouse And Selection Interaction

02m 36s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. Basic Sketching

Creating 2D Sketches

04m 16s

Creating Lines

06m 21s

Creating Circles And Arcs

03m 25s

Creating Rectangles And Polygons

04m 40s

Creating Slots

01m 54s

Creating Fillets And Chamfers

04m 4s

Sketch Entity Types

04m 18s

Sketch Duplication

05m 11s

Sketch Modification

07m 38s

Creating Valid Profiles

05m 13s

Chapter: 03. Sketch Constraints And Dimensions

Applying Geometric Constraints

11m 54s

Constraint Inference And Persistence

07m 6s

Working With Geometric Constraints

04m 17s

Creating Dimensional Constraints

07m 10s

Working With Dimensional Constraints

03m 6s

Guidelines For Successful Sketching

04m 34s

Chapter: 04. Basic Sketched Features

Creating An Extrusion

03m 38s

Creating A Revolve

04m 8s

Modifying Sketches And Features

05m 4s

Creating Secondary Features

08m 15s

Using Shared Sketches

02m 55s

Chapter: 05. Creating Work Features

Creating Work Planes

06m 2s

Creating Work Axes

02m 13s

Creating Work Points

02m 29s

Working With Work Features

05m 56s

Chapter: 06. Pick And Place Features

Creating Fillets

08m 31s

Creating Chamfers

04m 1s

Creating Holes

09m 37s

Creating Threads

03m 6s

Creating Shells

02m 49s

Chapter: 07. Advanced Sketched Features

Creating Sweeps

08m 18s

Creating Lofts

04m 3s

Creating Coils

04m 53s

Chapter: 08. Modeling Information

Using Parameters And Equations

09m 34s

Part Model Information

06m 29s

Chapter: 09. Feature Duplication Tools

Creating Rectangular Patterns

02m 34s

Creating Circular Patterns

01m 50s

Creating Mirrored Features

02m 52s

Working With Duplication Tools

03m 14s

Chapter: 10. Assembly Design

Assembly Environment

06m 16s

Placing Components In An Assembly

06m 50s

Degrees Of Freedom In An Assembly

05m 53s

Assembly Constraints - Part 1

09m 22s

Assembly Constraints - Part 2

08m 17s

Quick Place And Assemble

02m 19s

Assembly Joints - Part 1

11m 40s

Assembly Joints - Part 2

05m 41s

Editing Constraints And Joints

06m 49s

Proper Constraining Techniques

04m 44s

Content Center Library

12m 48s

Patterning Components In An Assembly Environment

07m 27s

Assembly Mirror And Copy Components

04m 53s

Chapter: 11. In-Place Assembly Editing And Creation

Editing A Component While In Place

05m 32s

Creating A Component In Place

04m 40s

Working With Adaptivity

08m 7s

Chapter: 12. Interacting With An Assembly

Selecting Components

03m 26s

Component States

05m 23s

Creating Assembly Sections

03m 21s

Creating Design Views

06m 37s

Assembly Model Documentation

07m 27s

Interference Checking

03m 16s

Chapter: 13. Creating Exploded Assembly Views

The Presentation Environment

07m 49s

Exploding Your Assembly

08m 14s

Animating Your Exploded Assembly View

09m 59s

Chapter: 14. Basic View Creation

Model Documentation

07m 27s

Creating Base Views

09m 13s

Creating Projected Views

04m 35s

Creating Auxillary Views

01m 54s

Creating Section Views

06m 20s

Creating Detail Views

02m 53s

Modifying Existing Drawing Views

06m 7s

View Manipulations

05m 16s

Chapter: 15. Dimensioning Methods

Dimension Types

02m 55s

Retrieving Model Dimensions

02m 36s

Drawing Based Dimensions

04m 25s

Creating Baseline Dimensions

03m 18s

Creating Ordinate Dimensions

02m 41s

Creating Chain Dimensions

02m 25s

Editing Dimensions

08m 55s

Chapter: 16. Annotation And Symbols

Hole, Thread And Chamfer Notes

04m 17s

Centermarks And Centerlines

05m 0s

Documenting Views With Symbols

04m 1s

Placing And Editing Leaders And Text

06m 59s

Examining General Tables And Hole Tables

05m 40s

Revision Tables And Tags

03m 51s

Chapter: 17. Bill Of Materials And Parts Lists

Examining Bill Of Material

03m 25s

Editing The Bill Of Material

03m 0s

Creating A Parts List

04m 55s

Balloon Placement

03m 40s

Chapter: 18. Conclusion


02m 32s