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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

02m 5s

About The Author

01m 21s

Installing Visual Studio

05m 35s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. Using The IDE

Creating And Running A New Project

04m 55s

Copying And Compressing Projects

02m 55s

IDE Tour

06m 5s

Chapter: 03. Building User Interfaces

Creating Controls

03m 25s

Setting Properties At Design Time

03m 24s

Common Properties

04m 26s

Naming Controls

02m 11s

Anchoring Controls

03m 53s

Chapter: 04. Common Controls

Label And Textbox

01m 51s


01m 52s

Check Box And Radio Button

01m 39s

Combo Box, Listbox, And Checked Listbox

03m 48s


04m 55s

Chapter: 05. Container Controls

Group Box, Panel, And Flow Layout Panel

03m 13s

Tab Control And Split Container

02m 47s

Table Layout Panel

07m 7s

Chapter: 06. Events Handling

Button and Menu Events

08m 28s

Paint Events

04m 52s

Scroll Bars

09m 44s

Chapter: 07. Dialogs

Message Box

04m 11s

Open File Dialog And Save File Dialog

05m 1s

Color Dialog And Font Dialog

02m 52s

Folder Browser Dialog

02m 14s

Chapter: 08. Working With Forms

Creating And Displaying New Forms

04m 23s

Re-Using Forms

07m 19s

Building Custom Dialogs

06m 12s

Chapter: 09. Using Variables

Declaring Variables And Performing Calculations

05m 29s

Using Constants

01m 47s

Understanding Scope

06m 8s

Arithmetic Operators

02m 52s

Enumerated Types

02m 32s

Chapter: 10. Debugging

Stepping Through Code

04m 16s

Using Watch Windows

03m 27s

Using Advanced Breakpoints

04m 29s

Handling Exceptions

06m 26s

Detecting Errors

07m 16s

Chapter: 11. Working With Data Types


03m 0s

String Methods

04m 31s

Dates, Times, And Timespans

05m 53s

Creating Arrays

07m 43s

Creating Collections

06m 41s

Initializing Arrays And Collections

04m 48s

Chapter: 12. Branching Statements

If Statements

02m 50s

Select Case Statements

03m 46s

Chapter: 13. Looping Statements

For Loops

07m 2s

For Each Loops

03m 7s

While Loops

03m 54s

Do Loops

03m 18s

Chapter: 14. Making Methods

Subroutines, Functions, And Methods

08m 41s

ByVal And ByRef

03m 59s

Passing Arrays

03m 28s

Optional Parameters

03m 50s

Parameter Arrays

03m 3s

Chapter: 15. Classes

Introduction To Classes

06m 35s

Creating Properties

06m 54s

Creating Events

05m 32s

Event Parameters

07m 47s

Inheritance And Polymorphism

05m 13s

Shadowing And Overriding

05m 3s

Overriding ToString

02m 0s

Overloading Methods

07m 22s


06m 6s

Shared Members

05m 10s

Overloading Operators

07m 59s

Building Generic Classes

10m 2s

Building Generic Methods

03m 17s

Extension Methods

03m 25s

Implementing Interfaces

05m 1s

Creating Interfaces

06m 23s

Chapter: 16. LINQ To Objects

Understanding LINQ

04m 31s

Lambda Expressions And Order By

07m 19s

Group By

05m 56s

Chapter: 17. Working With Files And Directories

Files - The Easy Way

06m 19s

File Dates And Times

02m 35s

Working With Directories

04m 58s

The My Namespace

07m 33s

Chapter: 18. Printing


09m 3s

Printing A Report

08m 59s

Aligning Printed Text

04m 50s

Measuring Text

08m 23s

Chapter: 19. Wrap-Up


02m 21s