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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction And Project Overview

About The Course

01m 20s

About The Author

02m 57s

Using The Project Files

01m 37s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. Introduction To The Interface

Getting Familiar

02m 54s

The Command Panel

03m 47s

Working Within The Viewports

04m 17s

Right-Click Menus

02m 6s

Navigating With The Mouse

01m 59s

Creating Primitives And Parametric Objects

04m 8s

Transforming Objects Using The Transform Tools

05m 21s

Considering Keyboard Shortcuts

02m 22s

Customizing The Interface

02m 45s

Customizing The Quad Menus

02m 50s

Using Modifiers And The Stack

04m 50s

Chapter: 03. Creating The Cave

Setting Up Units And Working At A Real World Scale

05m 52s

Using A Reference Image For The Cave Layout

04m 59s

Starting With Primitives

06m 53s

Using A Sphere For The Main Chamber

04m 51s

Using An Edit Poly Modifier For Cutting

01m 54s

Naming Objects

02m 15s

Using A Chamfer Box And Edit Poly

06m 52s

Using Various Primitives

07m 41s

Using A Cylinder For The Wall Torch And A Sphere Gizmo To Hold The Flame

10m 25s

Using A Cylinder And An Edit Poly Modifier For The Wall Sconce

05m 50s

Cloning The Torches

02m 38s

Vines With Loft Compound Objects

11m 13s

Leaves On Vines With Scatter

07m 5s

Getting Creative With The Vines

05m 23s

Using Pro-Boolean To Cut A Hole

03m 49s

Extruding A Shape To Create The Tunnel

02m 31s

Chapter: 04. Modelling The Lead Character

Setting Up Modelling Planes

05m 29s

Box Modelling The Torso

03m 27s

Extruding The Leg

06m 37s

Extruding The Arm

04m 33s

Adding Detail To The Shoe

08m 43s

Box Modelling The Hand

07m 18s

Extruding The Thumb

08m 19s

Adding Detail To The Hand

03m 25s

Starting The Face With A Plane

09m 37s

Extruding Edges And Bridging To Form The Nose

09m 37s

Creating The Jaw Line And Chin

07m 24s

Finishing The Cheek

05m 6s

Forming The Underside Of The Jaw

04m 20s

Extruding Edges For The Forehead

06m 3s

Creating The Ear

08m 11s

Using A Cylinder For The Neck

11m 5s

Creating The Eyeballs And Adjusting The Face

05m 22s

Finishing The Mouth

06m 42s

Starting The Hat With A Plane

11m 57s

Extruding Edges For The Upper Hat

06m 27s

Closing The Front Of The Hat

05m 8s

Closing The Back Of The Hat

05m 11s

Creating The Goggles From A Cylinder

11m 18s

Creating Hair From Modified Cylinders

07m 52s

Adding Hair Below The Hat

09m 20s

Finishing The Hair

07m 44s

Final Adjustments To The Hat

06m 2s

Adding Symmetry And Making Adjustments

08m 36s

Mirroring The Glove, Hair And Eye

06m 33s

Chapter: 05. Hair, Fur And Cloth

Growing Hair On The Model

07m 3s

Growing Hair Using Guide Splines

08m 34s

Using Garment Maker For A Shirt

11m 25s

Creating Seams And Applying Cloth

11m 35s

Adjusting The Cloth

05m 9s

Creating The Bandana With Garment Maker

06m 45s

Adding Cloth To The Bandana And Adjusting

09m 25s

Chapter: 06. Materials

Understanding UVWs

07m 12s

Unwrap UVW And Viewport Canvas

09m 11s

More Viewport Canvas Tools

08m 33s

Materials That Come With 3DS Max

09m 23s

Materials For The Walls And Floor

09m 40s

Final Materials For The Room

04m 33s

Unwrapping The Character - Placing Seams

07m 16s

Unwrapping The Character - Pelt And Quick Peel

12m 3s

Unwrapping The Shirt And Bandana

05m 7s

Unwrapping The Glove

07m 41s

Unwrapping The Hat

04m 1s

Unwrapping The Goggles

05m 40s

Starting The Materials For The Character

07m 44s

Creating The Materials For The Shirt With Viewport Canvas

06m 23s

Creating The Materials For The Eyes And Hat

07m 16s

Creating The Materials For The Character

06m 43s

Finishing The Materials For The Character

10m 25s

Chapter: 07. Rigging, Hierarchies, IK And FK

Setting Pivot Points And Hierarchical Linking - FK

05m 28s

Creating Bones And Inverse Kinematics - IK

05m 10s

Creating Leg And Foot Bones

07m 30s

Pelvis And Spine Bones

08m 33s

Arm And Hand Bones

09m 25s

Finishing The Arm And Hand Bones And Linking

10m 47s

Mirroring Bones

08m 34s

Renaming Bones

06m 5s

Starting The Basic Control Rig

10m 13s

Finishing The Basic Control Rig

05m 53s

Parameter Wiring For Finger Control

06m 51s

Finishing Parameter Wiring

04m 56s

Starting The Skinning

10m 19s

More Skinning

08m 32s

Paint Weights

10m 35s

Using Mirror Mode In The Skin Modifier

02m 52s

Creating A Basic Eye Rig

05m 59s

Chapter: 08. Lighting And Environmental Effects

Understanding The Scene - Logical Light Sources

08m 25s

Adding Photometric Torch Lights

06m 8s

Fine Tuning The Lighting And Materials

07m 45s

Adjusting The Tunnel And Adding A Camera

06m 49s

Chapter: 09. Animating The Scene

Merging The Character And Storyboard - Review

04m 4s

Blocking In The Lead Characters Movements

09m 57s

Creating A Sneaky Walk

09m 26s

Adding Body And Hand Movements

09m 0s

Climbing The Stairs

08m 53s

Grabbing The Rock

11m 4s

Weighing The Rock

06m 11s

Swapping The Rock And Teapot - Part 1

06m 54s

Swapping The Rock And Teapot - Part 2

10m 14s

Fine Tuning

07m 10s

More Fine Tuning

08m 24s

Adding Cameras

07m 57s

Motion Blur And Depth Of Field

05m 14s

Cloth Simulation - Part 1

01m 32s

Cloth Simulation - Part 2

02m 3s

Chapter: 10. Particle Systems

Introduction To Particle Systems

08m 13s

Using Gravity And Wind With Particle Systems

04m 7s

Particle Systems For Fire

06m 0s

Material For Particle Fire - Part 1

07m 51s

Material For Particle Fire - Part 2

02m 15s

Particle System For Smoke

08m 18s

Chapter: 11. Rendering

Previewing Renders

02m 29s

Final Rendering

05m 2s

Chapter: 12. Conclusion


01m 38s