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Table of Contents

Chapter: User Interface


00m 55s

About The Author

00m 56s

Examining The User Interface

05m 49s

Understanding Workspaces

02m 25s

Navisworks File Formats

03m 37s

Opening And Appending Files In Navisworks

02m 1s

Saving Files

01m 54s

Merging Projects

05m 32s

Refreshing And Deleting Files

03m 11s

Publishing Files

03m 33s

Navigation Tools

09m 36s

Selecting Objects

07m 48s

Performance Indicators

04m 42s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Commonly Used Tools In Navisworks

Hiding Objects

03m 3s

Object Properties

01m 39s

Measure Tools

05m 20s

Moving Objects

02m 54s

Selection Sets

04m 40s


03m 32s

Redline Tools

05m 47s

Recording Animations

06m 11s

Sectioning The Model

06m 40s

Adding Links

05m 19s

Comparing Models

04m 10s


02m 53s

Chapter: Clash Tests

Conducting A Clash Test

07m 50s

Clash Test Rules

04m 2s

Clash Test Results

08m 34s

Clash Test Reports

07m 52s

Import And Export Clash Tests

02m 30s

Chapter: Timeliner

Timeliner Overview

03m 37s

Timeliner Tasks

05m 26s

Auto Add Tasks To The Timeliner

03m 30s

Import Tasks

03m 20s

Attaching Elements To Tasks

09m 0s

Configuring A Simulation

04m 5s

Exporting A Simulation

04m 15s

Chapter: Quantity Takeoffs

Quantification Workbook

02m 29s

Item Catalog

04m 17s

Resource Catalog

04m 20s

Adding Materials To Items

04m 11s

Assigning Resources

03m 23s

Virtual Takeoff

07m 41s

Exporting Quantity Takeoff Reports

06m 53s

Chapter: Rendering And Animations

Rendering Overview

08m 26s

Assigning Materials

07m 34s

Creating Materials

08m 16s

Editing Materials

06m 0s

Mapping Materials

04m 25s

Lighting Modes

02m 58s

Lighting Types

07m 39s

Editing Lights

05m 20s

Turning On The Sun

03m 7s

The Environment Tab

07m 5s


02m 52s

Exporting An Image

04m 9s

Creating An Animation

08m 11s

Exporting An Animation

06m 29s

Chapter: Conclusion


01m 16s