Books & Videos

Table of Contents

Chapter: Building the Foundation

An Overview of the Course

04m 47s

Cassandra in 5 minutes

05m 29s

The Unique Cassandra Data Model

06m 19s

Chapter: Designing the Data Model

Cassandra Query Language

04m 47s

Modeling by Query

05m 20s


05m 22s

Chapter: Developing the Application

CassandraTrader – A Simple Stock Quote Application

03m 13s

Connecting Java to Cassandra

04m 42s

Design steps

03m 9s


04m 44s

Test Run

03m 32s

Chapter: Deploying to Production

Replication Strategies

04m 0s

Resilience and High Availability

03m 4s

Monitoring and Tuning

03m 23s

Data Model Changes

02m 53s

Final Wrap Up

03m 1s