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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is LESS?

01m 57s

Working with LESS

01m 11s

Course File Structure

01m 15s

Chapter: LESS Variables

Variable Syntax

01m 41s

Working with Variables

06m 13s

Strings as Variables

06m 28s

Chapter: LESS Mixins

What Is a Mixin?

01m 35s

Working with Mixins

03m 13s

Parametric Mixins

03m 51s

Chapter: Nesting with LESS

What Do You Mean by Nesting?

02m 0s

Writing a LESS Nested Rule

04m 50s

Nondescendants and Nesting

04m 29s

Advanced CSS and Pseudo-elements in LESS

03m 42s

Chapter: LESS Functions and Operations

Math Operations

05m 43s

Color Operations

03m 55s

Color Functions

04m 55s

Math Functions

03m 37s

Chapter: Wrapping Up LESS

LESS for Performance

04m 32s

LESS Frameworks and Templates

05m 5s

LESS Resources and Additional Information

01m 56s