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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction

About Massing Within Revit

01m 36s

About The Author

01m 38s

What You Should Expect From This Course

01m 43s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. Using Revit Mass Elements

Placing Revit Mass Elements

06m 14s

Options For Placing Mass Elements

05m 40s

Mass Elements Viewing Options

04m 18s

Applying Materials To A Mass Element

04m 49s

Creating Mass Floors

04m 3s

Creating A Schedule For A Mass Element Study

06m 2s

Chapter: 03. Creating Conceptual Masses

Creating In Place Mass Elements

08m 19s

Using The Family Editor To Create A Mass Form

06m 24s

Setting Up Workplanes

06m 29s

Creating Parameters for A Mass Family Form

07m 47s

Creating A Mass Extrusion

05m 9s

Creating A Mass Revolve

06m 48s

Creating A Mass Sweep

07m 11s

Creating A Mass Blend

04m 27s

Creating A Mass Swept Blend

04m 4s

Creating A Mass Loft

02m 52s

Creating A Void Form

04m 31s

Creating A Surface Form

06m 34s

Chapter: 04. Editing Conceptual Masses

How To Use The 3D Control

06m 38s

Editing Edges, Profiles And Faces

03m 40s

Adding Edges And Profiles

04m 49s

Modifying Mass Element Faces

07m 13s

Creating A Surface Component

05m 27s

Chapter: 05. Creating A Building from Massing

Creating Floors From Mass Elements

05m 26s

How To Create Walls And Roofs From A Mass Element

07m 12s

Using Materials To Identify Mass Floor Usage

04m 51s

Analyzing Mass Floors Using A Schedule

06m 32s

Chapter: 06. Conclusion


01m 55s