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Chapter: 01. About The Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) Exam Prep


02m 27s

About The Author

02m 8s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. Certification Overview

The Benefits Of CSWA Certification

02m 1s

Exam Coverage

04m 43s

Recommended Preparation

02m 27s

Hardware And Software

03m 28s

Purchasing The Exam

02m 30s

Exam Strategies

04m 25s

Practice Exams

03m 54s

Chapter: 03. Basic Part Modelling And Modification

Part Modelling Exam Question Preview

06m 57s

Overview Of Basic Part Modelling Exercise

04m 46s

Creating The Cylinders - Option 1

06m 32s

Creating The Cylinders - Option 2

03m 9s

Creating The 6 X 32 Extruded Cut

03m 32s

Creating The Parallel Extruded Cuts

02m 19s

Creating The 5 X 24 Flat With Hole

04m 39s

Modifying The Dimension Values

01m 59s

Modifying The 6 X 32 Extruded Cut

03m 36s

Chapter: 04. Intermediate Part Modelling And Modification

Overview Of Intermediate Part Modelling Exercise

02m 36s

Creating The Sketch Profile

05m 14s

Revolving The Sketch Profile

01m 38s

Adding Fillets And Applying Color

02m 49s

Adding The Extruded Cut

03m 54s

Patterning The Extruded Cut

02m 17s

Chapter: 05. Advanced Part Modelling And Modification

Overview Of Advanced Part Modelling Exercise

02m 58s

Creating The Extruded Part

07m 38s

Adding The Extruded Cut Features

06m 37s

Adding The Pocket

06m 0s

Chapter: 06. Assembly Modelling

Overview Of Assembly Modelling Exercises

04m 27s

Building Crank And Slotted Lever Assembly

07m 37s

Adding Distance Mate

02m 25s

Modifying Distance Mate

03m 21s

Building Syringe Assembly - Part 1

04m 51s

Building Syringe Assembly - Part 2

05m 8s

Adding Distance Mate To Hidden Features

02m 47s

Modifying Distance Mate On Hidden Features

01m 45s

Chapter: 07. Drawing Competencies

Drawing Competency Exam Question Preview

02m 44s

Model View

05m 36s

Standard 3 View

04m 48s

Projected View

01m 46s

Auxiliary View

03m 18s

Section View

08m 8s

Assembly Section View

03m 29s

Detail View

05m 3s

Broken-Out Section View

03m 8s

Break View

04m 49s

Cropped View

02m 30s

Alternate Position View

03m 20s

Chapter: 08. Conclusion

Viewing Results

02m 2s

Accessing Certificate

01m 8s

Certification Online Director

01m 36s


01m 23s